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Sensitive Negotiations
Indigenous Diplomacy and British Romantic Poetry
Sensitive Negotiations
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Nikki Hessell - Author
SUNY series, Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century
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Hardcover - 240 pages
Release Date: August 2021
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Examines how Indigenous figures used British Romantic poetry in their interactions with settler governments and publics.

Throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Indigenous peoples in North America and the Pacific engaged with the latest and most fashionable British Romantic poetry as part of transcontinental and transoceanic cross-cultural negotiations about sovereignty, treaty rights, and land claims. In Sensitive Negotiations, Nikki Hessell uses examples from North America, Africa, and the Pacific to show how these Indigenous figures quoted lines from famous poets like Lord Byron and Felicia Hemans to build sympathy and community with their audience. Hessell makes new connections by setting aside European-derived genre barriers to bring literary studies to bear on the study of diplomacy and scholarship from diplomatic history and Indigenous studies to bear on literary criticism. By connecting British Romantic poetry with Indigenous diplomatic texts, artefacts, and rituals, Hessell reimagines poetry as diplomatic and diplomacy as poetic.

"Sensitive Negotiations is essential reading for anyone interested in studying the literary history of Indigenous political activism. Among the most innovative works of Romantic literary criticism to have appeared during the past two decades, it provides remarkable new perspectives on Romanticism's central political, aesthetic, and cultural preoccupations." — Kevin Hutchings, author of Transatlantic Upper Canada: Portraits in Literature, Land, and British-Indigenous Relations

Nikki Hessell is Associate Professor of English at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. She is the author of Literary Authors, Parliamentary Reporters: Johnson, Coleridge, Hazlitt, Dickens and Romantic Literature and the Colonised World: Lessons from Indigenous Translations.

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