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The Now Dark Sky, Setting Us All On Fire
The Now Dark Sky, Setting Us All On Fire
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Robert Krut - Author
Codhill Press
Codhill Press
Price: $16.00 
Paperback - 68 pages
Release Date: June 2019
ISBN13: 978-1-949933-03-1



Winner of the Codhill Poetry Award for 2018, this collection unveils surrealistic imagery and apocalyptic moments to explore cityscapes external and internal.

In The Now Dark Sky, Setting Us All on Fire, Robert Krut unveils surrealistic imagery and apocalyptic moments that encroach on his cityscapes. Entering his urban vision of off-kilter fingerprint police, helix fireworks, and lockboxes replete with “unsewn / buttons from the shirts of dead men” (“The Vault”), we are invited to witness how “daylight peels silence / off the sides of buildings” to reveal vampire teeth and arrows (“Phantasmagoria at Six AM”), how “every single body on the street / turns to paper” (“At This Very Moment”). Krut dismantles the world around us and in turn remakes it into something dark yet alive, a place seething with desire, where “A thousand leaves are worth one wish” (“This All Starts With You, and This All Ends With You”).

“From the very first poem in this quiet and intimate collection, Robert Krut inventively crafts image after shape-shifting image, each suggesting an alternate universe designed to help us better understand our real one. From a preacher in a lentil rainstorm to a doorman wearing a hat full of beetles, we meet people (and see places) filled not only with what is real but with what is possible. Between these magical details runs a clear and steady narrative: a speaker who dons the ‘too-small sweater of summer.’ Who knows that ‘danger isn’t a bomb, danger is a drip.’ And who survives ‘this pension of suffering.’ The graceful poems in The Now Dark Sky, Setting Us All on Fire beautifully balance being both agent and acted upon. Krut is a poet of vivid imagery and distinctive voice.” — Patricia Colleen Murphy, Hemming Flame

“Robert Krut’s newest collection, The Now Dark Sky, Setting Us All on Fire, paints a landscape of imagination where the Lord of Time might be bargained with as we are left ‘waiting to be swallowed whole.’ The seductive tactility of Krut’s language reminds us of our bodies, our bones and teeth, our veins and fingerprints even as we move among dragons and giant arachnids. A provocative pendulum swinging from fantasy to physicality and back again, these poems acknowledge our longing for escape but leave us with the inescapable conclusion that we are tethered now and forever to ourselves and to this blood-drenched world.” — KMA Sullivan, Inclined to Riot

“A poem inside a poem is a guest, and Robert Krut’s new compilation The Now Dark Sky, Setting Us All on Fire is worth putting the kettle on to serve. I am in awe at his ability with composing words, where the music from deep imagination comes easily to him. I’ve dined with these poems, went for long walks with ‘Now, Breathe Fire’ and ‘Dear Demon’ inside my coat pocket. I wrote his poem ‘Welcome’ on a lotus leaf and posted it on my front door because it reminded that it is good to welcome the essentiality of darkness from time to time. Let these poems be lanterns to the door you are about to open. This collection is a treasure and good reason why we must keep on breathing.” — Sam Roxas-Chua, Saying Your Name Three Times Underwater

Robert Krut is the author of This Is the Ocean (Bona Fide Books, 2013), which received the Melissa Lanitis Gregory Poetry Award, and The Spider Sermons (BlazeVox, 2009). His poetry has appeared widely, such as in Blackbird, The Cimarron Review, Gulf Coast, Passages North, and Poetry Vinyl. He lives in Los Angeles and teaches in the Writing Program and College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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Table of Contents

1. Welcome
Phantasmagoria at Six AM
You Can't Escape When You've Been Underwater All Along
This All Starts With You, and This All Ends With You
The Vault
Now, Breathe Fire
One Attacks the Other
Atonal Breathing
Neighborly Gestures
The Altruistic Vandal, Doing This for All of Us
The Cost
River Side, Rain Side, Fire Side
At This Very Moment

2. You Will Pray to What We Give You
The Almighty Is a Klieg Light
Juliette at the Bureau
I'll Be Your Keepsake
Memoir Car
The Tuning Fork and the Listeners
In the Trees, On the Road, Off the Highway
Spy and Depart
Meet Me in the City, Leave Me at the Station
The Airfield Traffic Pattern Displacement Ceremony
Dissipate and Obfuscate
Heart Holds Lake
Time Travel Bargaining Tactics

3.Homecoming Time Bomb
You Are a Jellyfish, Ghost
Disguised Doppelganger
Dear Demon
Bomb the Subtext
Misdirection Mechanism Activated
The Party
X-Ray Diagnosis Hypothesis
The Fog Is a Fire, the Fire Is a Signal
The Sky Doesn't Want Your Mythology
The Sun and the Ground Conspire Eternity
Repeat and Again Repeat Together

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