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The Adventure of Weak Theology
Reading the Work of John D. Caputo through Biographies and Events
The Adventure of Weak Theology
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Štefan Štofaník - Author
John D. Caputo - Afterword
SUNY series in Theology and Continental Thought
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Hardcover - 308 pages
Release Date: November 2018
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-7195-2

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Paperback - 308 pages
Release Date: July 2019
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-7196-9

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Štofaník provides a unique, personal reading of weak theology and tries to inhabit the gap between it and its “founder,” John D. Caputo.

In this distinctive exploration of John D. Caputo’s work, Štefan Štofaník traces Caputo’s journey of philosophical discovery from his earlier, more conventional academic writings to his later, almost confessional works of weak theology and his deep engagement with Derrida. Štofaník draws upon Caputo’s life story to help explain sudden shifts in Caputo’s thinking, offers intricate readings of philosophical passages that have all too often been taken for granted, and joins in Caputo’s effort to find a theology that can be trusted and that does not rely upon dogmatic and hierarchical authority. At the same time, Štofaník subtly disagrees with aspects of Caputo’s view and turns to the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry as a way to suggest that one cannot take leave of the tradition of theology as easily as Caputo thinks. At times, The Adventure of Weak Theology reads like a letter to Caputo, and Štofaník’s own passion for theology, his deep understanding of Caputo’s work, and his gift for writing makes this an immensely appealing book for both admirers and critics of Caputo.

“[Štefan] has read my work with extraordinary care and he has done so with a very acute ear for my authorial voice, this person whom I impersonate when I write, this persona I inhabit in my books. I am not sure if this fellow who appears in print is the real me or a put-on, the one who I really am or the one I want to be. Either way, he only emerges, or emerges best of all, when I write, and Štefan had a pitch-perfect ear for that voice. He didn’t miss anything. He caught it every time it was important.” — from the Afterword by John D. Caputo

Štefan Štofaník (1976–2014) received his PhD in theology from the University of Leuven in Belgium.

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Table of Contents

Lieven Boeve

Editor’s Introduction: Rain without Rain—Štefan Štofaník's The Adventure of Weak Theology
Joeri Schrijvers


1. Adventure

2. Call

3. Brother Paul

4. Transgression

5. Two Loves

6. Freedom

7. Interlude (More than One)

8. Freedom Again

9. Between Heidegger and Derrida

10. Dancing in the Void

11. The Advent of Weak Theology

12. Kingdom (In Place of a Conclusion)

Epilogue: How?

Afterword: An Ear for My Voice
John D. Caputo


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