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The Social Studies Curriculum
Purposes, Problems, and Possibilities, Fourth Edition
The Social Studies Curriculum
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E. Wayne Ross - Editor
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Hardcover - 431 pages
Release Date: November 2014
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-5317-0

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Paperback - 431 pages
Release Date: November 2014
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-5316-3

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This fully revised and updated edition includes twelve new chapters on contemporary topics such as ecological democracy, Native studies, inquiry teaching, and Islamophobia.

The Social Studies Curriculum, Fourth Edition updates the definitive overview of the issues teachers face when creating learning experiences for students in social studies. The book connects the diverse elements of the social studies curriculum—civic, global, social issues—offering a unique and critical perspective that separates it from other texts. Completely updated, this book includes twelve new chapters on the history of the social studies; democratic social studies; citizenship education; anarchist inspired transformative social studies; patriotism; ecological democracy; Native studies; inquiry teaching; Islamophobia; capitalism and class struggle; gender, sex, sexuality, and youth experiences in school; and critical media literacy. All the chapters from the previous edition have been thoroughly revised and updated, including those on teaching social studies in the age of curriculum standardization and high-stakes testing, critical multicultural social studies, prejudice and racism, assessment, and teaching democracy. Readers are encouraged to reconsider their assumptions and understanding about the origins, purposes, nature, and possibilities of the social studies curriculum.

“…an indispensable resource for those readers interested in social studies, history, and civic education … There are many gems here for teachers and researchers alike … Highly recommended.” — CHOICE

E. Wayne Ross is Professor of Curriculum Studies at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He has written and edited many books, including (with Abraham P. DeLeon) Critical Theories, Radical Pedagogies, and Social Education: New Perspectives for Social Studies Education.

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Table of Contents

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Part I. Purposes of the Social Studies Curriculum

1. Social Studies Curriculum Migration: Confronting Challenges in the 21st Century
C. Gregg Jorgensen

2. Social Studies Curriculum and Teaching in the Era of Standardization
E. Wayne Ross, Sandra Mathison, and Kevin D. Vinson

3. Creating Authentic Spaces for Democratic Social Studies Education
Christopher Leahey

4. “Capitalism Is for the Body, Religion Is for the Soul”: Insurgent Social Studies for the 22nd Century
Abraham P. DeLeon

Part II. Social Issues and the Social Studies Curriculum

5. Dangerous Citizenship
E. Wayne Ross and Kevin D. Vinson

6. Teaching Students to Think about Patriotism
Joel Westheimer

7. Ecological Democracy: An Environmental Approach to Citizenship Education
Neil O. Houser

8. Native Studies, Praxis, and the Public Good
Four Arrows (Wahinkpe Topa)

9. Marxism and Critical Multicultural Social Studies: Redux
Curry Stephenson Malott and Marc Pruyn

10. Prejudice, Racism, and the Social Studies Curriculum
Jack L. Nelson and Valerie Ooka Pang

11. The Language of Gender, Sex, and Sexuality and Youth Experiences in Schools
Lisa W. Loutzenheiser

Part III. The Social Studies Curriculum in Practice

12. Making Assessment Work for Teaching Learning
Sandra Mathison

13. Why Inquiry?
Doug Selwyn

14. Beyond Fearing the Savage: Responding to Islamophobia in the Classroom
Özlem Sensoy

15. Class Struggle in the Classroom
Gregory Queen

16. Critical Media Literacy and Social Studies: Paying Heed to Orwell and Huxley
Paul Orlowski

17. Teaching Democracy: What Schools Need to Do
Joseph Kahne and Joel Westheimer

Part IV. Conclusion

18. Remaking the Social Studies Curriculum
E. Wayne Ross

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