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Neoplatonism and Indian Thought
Neoplatonism and Indian Thought
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R. Baine Harris - Editor
Studies in Neoplatonism: Ancient and Modern, Volume 2
Hardcover - 353 pages
Release Date: June 1981
ISBN10: 0-87395-545-5
ISBN13: 978-0-87395-545-4

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Paperback - 353 pages
Release Date: June 1981
ISBN10: 0-87395-546-3
ISBN13: 978-0-87395-546-1

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The nineteen essays that form this pioneering volume of comparative philosophy represent an exchange of ideas among specialists in Neoplatonism and specialists in Indian thought. These scholars have examined concepts and assertions that appear to be common to both philosophical traditions, as well as the possible historical influence of Indian sources upon late Greek philosophy, and specifically upon the Alexandrine Platonists. While most of the essays refer to Hinduism, several of them contain general surveys.

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Table of Contents



John R. A. Mayer

Indian Wisdom and Porphyry's Search for a Universal Way
John J. O'Meara

Plotinus and the Upanisads
Lawrence J. Hatab

Proclus and the Tejobindu Upanisad
Laurence J. Rosan

Buddhi in the Bhagavadgita and Psyché in Plotinus.
A. H. Armstrong and R. R. Ravindra

The Plotinian One and the Concept of Paramapurusa in the Bhagavadgita
I. C. Sharma

Phraseology and Imagery in Plotinus and Indian Thought
Richard T. Wallis

Meditative States in the Abhidharma and in Pseudo-Dionysius
David F. T. Rodier

Matter and Exemplar: Difference-in-Identity in Vijnanabhiksu* and Bonaventure
John Borelli

Cit and Nous
Paul Hacker

Matter in Plotinus and Samkara
Francisco García Bazán

Samkara and Eriugena on Causality
Russell Hatton

Union with God in Plotinus and Bayazid
Mohammad Noor Nabi

Advaita Vedanta and Neoplatonism
R. K. Tripathi

The Concept of Human Estrangement in Plotinism and Samkara* Vedanta*
Ramakant Sinari

Plotinus and Sri Aurobindo: A Comparative Study
Pritibhushan Chatterji

The Influence of Indian Philosophy on Neoplatonism
C. L. Tripathi

A Survey of Modern Scholarly Opinion on Plotinus and Indian Thought
Albert M. Wolters

Neoplatonism, Indian Thought, and General Systems Theory
John R. A. Mayer

Some Critical Conclusions
I. C. Sharma


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