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Mediaevalia Volume #5, Issue #1 (1979)
Mediaevalia Volume #5, Issue #1
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Table of Contents

Linguistics, Literary Criticism, and Old English
Matthew Marino

The Apostles in the Old English Martyrology
J. E. Cross

Chaucer’s Epic Statement and the Political Milieu of the Late Fourteenth Century
Paul A. Olson

Death in the Stars: Heinrich Von Mügeln on the Black Plague
William C. McDonald

Men’s Weapons, Women’s War: The Nine Female Worthies, 1400–1640
Ann McMillan

The Tradition of Moses in the Underworld and the York Plays of the Transfiguration and Harrowing
Edmund Reiss

The Medieval Hector: A Double Tradition
L. Staley Johnson

On Reading Medieval Political Verse: Two Partisan Poems from the Reign of Edward II
Laura Kendrick

Rewriting One’s Precursors: Notes on the Decameron
Janet Levarie Smarr

Paper Evidence and the Genesis of the Macro Plays
Stephen Spector

The Inquisition of Love: Tratado as a Fictional Genre
Edward Dudley

Chaucer’s Revaluation of Chivalric Honor
Alcuin Blamires

The Return of the Broken Butterfly: Beowulf, Line 163, Again
Thomas D. Hill

Geoffrey Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales: A Facsimile and Transcription of the Hengwrt Manuscript with Variants from the Ellesmere Manuscript
George Kane

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