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Mediaevalia Volume #8, Issue #1 (1982)
Mediaevalia Volume #8, Issue #1
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Table of Contents

Grendel’s Glof (2085b-88) and Various Latin Analogues
Earl R. Anderson

Supplement to a Concordance to “The Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records”
Madeleine M. Bergman

Thematic Irony and Unity in the Latin Love Vision
Marc M. Pelen

Phyllis, Canacee, Biblis and Dido: Keys to Understanding the Minnegrotte of Gottfried’s Tristan
Beverly Taylor

From Unlikeness to Writing: Dante’s “Visible Speech” in: Canto Ten Purgatorio
James Thomas Chiampi

Rosamund Redux: The Monk of Eynsham and The Salvation of Fair Rosamund Clifford
Nancy F. Partner

“Loi “ and “Foi” in The AMn of Law’s Introduction, Prologue, and Tale
Sheila Delany

Chaucer’s “Myghty Men” and “Wommannes Conseil”
Bruce Kent Cowgill

The Middle English Contents of a Fifteenth-Century Medical Handbook
Marta Powell Harley

“King I sit” problems in Medieval Titulus Verse
Alan H. Nelson

Old Men’s Lives—Elderly English Peers, 1350–1500
Joel T. Rosenthal

Lady Meed, Pardons, and the Piers Plowman Visio
J. Stephen Russell

Flouting Literary Convention: Structural Irony in the Assembly of Ladies
Judith M. Davidoff

The Middle English St. Erkenwald and Its Liturgical Context
Gordon Whatley

John Gower and the Exemplum Form: Tale Models in the Confessio Amantis
R. F. Yeager

Chaucer’s Pardoner: His Sexuality and Modern Critics
C. David Benson

The Sexual Normality of Chaucer’s Pardoner
Richard Firth Green


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