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Mediaevalia Volume #9, Issue #1 (1983)
Mediaevalia Volume #9, Issue #1
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Table of Contents

Sedulis Scottus’s De Quodam Verbece a Cane Discerpto
Jan Ziolkowski

Old English Exodus and the Sea of Contradiction
J. R. Hall

Origins and Development of Medieval European Epic: The Problem of Cultural Transmission and Transformation
Charles Collier

D’Esclarzir Paraul’escura:
An Approach to the Songs of Marcabru through Poem XIV
Leslie Cahoon

Dante Among Theives: Allegorical Soteriology in the Seventh Bolgia (Inferno XXIV and XXV)
Rebecca Beal

Innovative Language in Chaucer’s Boece: The Extension of English for the Exposition of Philosophy
Morton Donner

Chaucer and the Problem of the Universal
Rodney Delasanta

Nature and Norreture: A Notion of Medieval Childhood and Education
Doris Desclais Berkvam

The Medieval Art of Imitation and Chaucer’s Legenda Tesbe
James H. McGregor

On Not Reading Chaucer—Aloud
Michael Murphy

Political Myth in the Poema de Alfonso XI
David G. Lanoue

Piers Plowman
and the Unwillingness to Work
John M. Bowers

The Crisis of Authority at the End of the Fourteenth Century: A Canonist’s Response
Thomas E. Morrissey

Metaphors of Cloth and Clothing in the Showings of Julian of Norwich
Ritamary Bradley

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