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Mediaevalia Volume #15, Issue #1 (1989)
Mediaevalia Volume #15, Issue #1
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Table of Contents

An Accidental Displacement of Text in Chapter 4 of Luke
Maurice Pergnier in collaboration with Saul Levin

Carmen de Evangelio
and Its Classical Antecedents
Zoja Pavlovskis-Petit

Recent Research on the Homeland and Migrations of the Indo-Europeans, and Its Implications for the Idea of a “Heroic Age”
Earl R. Anderson

Bede’s Exegesis of Luke’s Infancy Narrative
Joseph F. Kelly

Wulfstan and Abbo of Saint-Germain-Des-Près
J. E. Cross and Alan Brown

The Via Crucis: Its Historical, Spiritual and Devotional Context
Sandro Sticca

Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Comedy of Errors: The Blood Drops Scene
Rosmarie Thee Morewedge

The Crux of Petrarch’s Poetic Dilemma
Aldo S. Bernardo

The Owl and the Nightingale on Love
Winthrop Wetherbee

Chaucer’s Knight: What’s Wrong with Being Worthy?
Emerson Brown, Jr.

The Problematics of Irony in Gower’s Confessio Amantis
Russell A. Peck

Theories of Intertextuality and Chaucer’s Sources and Analogues
James I. Wimsatt

Stage Properties and Iconography in the Early English Drama
Clifford Davidson

“The Complaint of Christ” (Brown and Robbins #1119): Variations in Genre and Manuscript Contexts of a Late Middle English Poem
Martin Stevens

Medieval Doctrines of Human Freedom
Lawrence D. Roberts

Down the Up Staircase: Quondam Peers and Downward Mobility in Late Medieval England
Joel Rosenthal

Christopher Columbus and the Numbers Game
John V. Fleming

The Flat Error: The Modern Distortion of Medieval Geography
Jeffrey Burton Russell

Towards Bibliographic Control of the Sixteenth-Century Latin Motet Repertory: Computing and the Doppelmeister Problem
Harry B. Lincoln

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