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Mediaevalia Volume #16, Issue #1 (1990)
Mediaevalia Volume #16, Issue #1
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Table of Contents

Robert F. Yeager

Richard II in John Gower’s Confessio Amantis: Some Historical Perspectives
George B. Stow

O Political Gower
Judith Ferster

Gower, Chaucer, and French Prose Arthurian Romance
Edward Donald Kennedy

John Gower’s Continuity in the Tradition of French Fin’ Amor
William Calin

“Peised Evene in the Balance”: A Thematic and Rhetorical Topos in the Confessio Amantis
Helen Cooper

Statement and Search in the Confessio Amantis
Anthony E. Farnham

Genius’s “Enformacioun” in Book III of the Confessio Amantis
James Simpson

‘Tho Love Made Him an Hard Eschange’ and ‘With Fals Brocage Hath Take Usure’: Narcissus and Echo in the Confessio Amantis
R. A. Shoaf

Canace and Machaire
A. C. Spearing

Gower’s Women in the Confessio
A. S. G. Edwards

Petrarchanism in the Confessio Amantis
Chauncey Wood

“After the Forme of My Writynge”: Gower’s Bookish Prosody
Alan T. Gaylord

Early Printed Editions of Confessio Amantis
N. F. Blake

Gower’s Mirror de L’Omme and the Meditative Tradition
Thomas H. Bestul

Gower in His Most Learned Role and the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381
Andrew Galloway

Thomas Hoccleve’s Other Master
Charles R. Blyth

The Authority of Gower in Shakespeare’s Pericles
Stephen J. Lynch

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