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Mediaevalia Volume #19, Issue #1 (1993)
Mediaevalia Volume #19, Issue #1
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Table of Contents

Part One: Obscure Styles in Medieval Literature
edited by Jan M. Ziolkowski

Jan M. Ziolkowski

Early Medieval Europe

Obscure Styles in Medieval Ireland
John Carey

Obscurity and the Figure of Taliesin
John T. Koch

Obscure Styles (Old English and Old Norse) and the Enigma of Gísla Saga
Joseph Harris

Latin and Romance

Theories of Obscurity in the Latin Middle Ages
Jan M. Ziolkowski

Obscure Styles: The Early Troubadors
Vincent Pollina

The Trobar Clus of Raimbaut D’Aurenga, Giraut de Bornelh, and Arnaut Daniel
Michel-André Bossy

Non-European Literatures

Obscurity in Hebrew Liturgical Poetry
James L. Kugel

Obscurity in Classical Arabic Poetry
Wolfhart Heinrichs

Part Two: Miscellany

R. E. Kaske, Medieval Christian Literary Imagery: A Review of Reviews
Thomas D. Hill

Beccel and the Theme of Death in Guđlac B
Phyllis R. Brown

Cædmon and the Translated Word: Orality, Textuality, and Authority
Deborah VanderBilt

A Description of the Confession Miniatures for Gower’s Confessio Amantis with Special Reference to the Illustrator’s Role as Reader and Critic
Thomas J. Garbáty

Florence and the Loathly Lady: Illusion and Reality in Book I of John Gower’s Confessio Amantis
Thomas J. Hatton

“Mulier, Quid Ploras?”: Holy Tears in The Book of Margery Kempe
Helen Clare Taylor

“Light Leaps” in Ancrene Wisse VI: Wiđ Lihtleapes Buggen Eche Blisse?
Catherine Innes-Parker

The Verse Inscriptions of the Tympanum of Jaca and the Pax Anagram
Calvin B. Kendall

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