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Mediaevalia Volume #20, Issue #1 (2001)
Mediaevalia Volume #20, Issue #1
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Derek Pearsall (Gurney Professor of English, Emeritus, at Harvard University, and Honorary Research Professor at the University of York)

Kate L. Boardman, Catherine Emerson, and Adrian P. Tudor

Framing Morality

Barbara English (Professor Emeritus of History, University of Hull) and Valerie I. J. Flint (G. F. Grant Professor of History, University of Hull)

Framing Anti-Semitic Exempla: Locating the Jew of Tewkesbury
Anthony Bale

Monstrous Virginity: Framing the Nun of Watton
Sarah Salih

From Preaching to Storytelling: The Metaphors of Nicole Bozon
Laurie Postlewate

Framing Persuasion: Eve and the Fall of the Verbal Order
Jane Tolmie

Introduction: “Framing Doctrine”
Leo Carruthers (Professor of English, Université de Paris III—Sorbonne)

The “Pore Caitif”: Lectio Through Compilatio. Some Manuscript Contexts
Kalpen Trivedi

Framing Lydgate’s Fall of Princes: The Evidence of Book History
Alex Gillespie

Texts and Images

Introduction: “The Image as the Frame”
Alan Deighton (Director, Hull University Centre for Medieval Studies)

The Significance of the Illustrations in Thomas Mürner’s 1530s Translation into German of Sabellico’s Enneades
Cecil H. Clough

Images, Bindings, Blocks of Texts: Codicological Evidence for the Origin of a Late Medieval Set of Devotional Poems
Arnold Otto

Tradition as a Frame

Introduction: “The Updating of the Text”
Brian J. Levy (Reader in Medieval French Studies, University of Hull

Reading the Past through the Present: Ambroise, The Minstrel of Reims, and Jordan Fantosme
Catherine Hanley

Framing Narrative and Performance: Narrators’ Roles in Late Medieval Burgundian Romance, Chronicle, and Chivalric Biography
Michelle Magallanez

Aldhelm’s De Virginitate and the Psychomachian Tradition
Sinead O’Sullivan

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