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Hurricane Hymn and Other Poems
Hurricane Hymn and Other Poems
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H. R. Stoneback - Author
Codhill Press
Codhill Press
Price: $20.00 
Paperback - 148 pages
Release Date: August 2010
ISBN13: 978-1-930337-39-8



From “Hurricane Hymn”

Poetry cannot perform search and rescues.

Words are not water or food or shelter.

Grief cannot put a roof over storm-refugees.

Compassion’s not a substitute for action.

Come in from the wind, let words restore power.

Come in under the blue tarp of this Muse…

H. R. Stoneback, Distinguished Professor of English at SUNY New Paltz, has also taught at the University of Paris and Peking University, and has lectured and performed (poetry and folksong) around the world. Renowned poet, literary critic, and leading Hemingway scholar of international reputation, Stoneback is the author or editor of twenty volumes of criticism and poetry and some 200 essays on American and world literature. His recent award-winning critical volume Reading Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises was published in 2007. Eight volumes of his poetry include Cartographers of the Deus Loci; Singing the Springs, Cafe Millennium; Homage: A Letter to Robert Penn Warren (recipient of NAS Triennial Award for Outstanding Book Length Poem 2005–2007); and Amazing-Grace-Wheelchair-Jumpshot-Jesus-Love-Poems. His poetry has won numerous awards and has been translated and published in Chinese, French, Provencal, and other languages. Editor of four poetry anthologies, he is founding editor of the Shawangunk Review. A semiretired singer-songwriter once active in such places as Nashville and New Orleans, he recently released a two-CD album, Stoney & Sparrow: Songs of Place 1962–2006, which includes fifteen of his songs.

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Table of Contents

I. Hurricanes & Tempests: Songs & Hymns

Hurricane Hymn
Atheist Sings Hymns in My Kitchen
Beulah Land
Song for Rosa Parks
Remembering April 1968
Delta Dawn…Zelda’s Gone
God’s Trout
Pulp Poetry—50 MPG
On the Road with Mom
And She Lived a Long Death
For One of my Chinese Students
Stoney Kissed a Catholic
Full Frontal Poetry
Fortune’s Wheel
On the Mythical Mystical Domesticity
The Ascetic Poet’s Song
Le Retour de la Fée
Hunting Bunting
Hudson Haiku
Hudson River Light
Ballad: The Crow’s Ransom
Farewell, Farewell Until We Sing Again

The Borromean Islands

Isola dei Pescatori
Isola Bella
Fishermen’s Island: Off Stresa July 2000
Fishermen’s Island: July 2002
Pescatori Tanka
On Hearing of the Death of Ted Williams
What You Did Not Hear
Years Later: A Meditation

III. Variations

The Hemingway Variations
Fitzgerald Variations
Moveable Fitz
Song and Letter
For EP: In Our Time
Pound Calls Me Collect
The Aldington Variations 1. Shell-Shocked
The Aldington Variations 2. Lustration? Atonement?
The RPW Variations

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