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Writing Environments
Writing Environments
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Sidney I. Dobrin - Editor
Christopher J. Keller - Editor
Price: $95.00 
Hardcover - 389 pages
Release Date: February 2005
ISBN10: 0-7914-6331-1
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-6331-4

Price: $33.95 
Paperback - 389 pages
Release Date: January 2005
ISBN10: 0-7914-6332-X
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-6332-1

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Including interviews with several of America's leading environmental writers, this volume addresses the intersections between writing and nature.

Writing Environments
addresses the intersections between writing and nature through interviews with some of America's leading environmental writers. Those interviewed include Rick Bass, Cheryll Glotfelty, Annette Kolodny, Max Oelschlaeger, Simon J. Ortiz, David Quammen, Janisse Ray, Scott Russell Sanders, Edward O. Wilson, and Ann H. Zwinger. From the standpoints of activists, scientists, naturalists, teachers, and highly visible writers, the interviewees consider how different environments have influenced them, how their writing affects environments, and the ways readers experience environments. The interviews are followed by critical responses from writing scholars. This diverse range of voices speaks lucidly and captivatingly about topics such as place, writing, teaching, politics, race, and culture, and how these overlap in many complex ways.

“This is not a book on how or where writers find places to write, but one produced by a deeply concerned group of writers who feel an emotional attachment to the environment or nature and whose beliefs, studies, research, and personal experiences are set out for us to scrutinize and evaluate according to our personal, distinctive set of definitions and guidelines and how we feel about the subject.” — Technical Communication

“Dobrin and Keller offer an intriguing approach to the topic of how writers and their texts influence and are influenced by their environments.” — CHOICE

"These fine interviews broaden our knowledge of environmental philosophy. This book deals with the most intellectually important of all topics concerning scholars and intellectuals—the survival of our species and the biosphere."— Paul J. Lindholdt, coeditor of Cascadia Wild: Protecting an International Ecosystem

"The interviewees and the respondents consistently reward the reader with clear, provocative insights. The diverse voices keep things flowing and provide shifting perspectives on the recurrent questions." — Brad Monsma, author of The Sespe Wild: Southern California's Last Free River

The interviewees include Rick Bass, Cheryll Glotfelty, Annette Kolodny, Max Oelschlaeger, Simon J. Ortiz, David Quammen, Janisse Ray, Scott Russell Sanders, Edward O. Wilson, and Ann H. Zwinger.

Contributors include Kaye Adkins, Sidney I. Dobrin, Julie Drew, Elizabeth A. Flynn, Annie Merrill Ingram, Christopher J. Keller, M. Jimmie Killingsworth, Lezlie Laws, Scott Richard Lyons, Sushil K. Oswal, Eric Otto, Derek Owens, Malea Powell, Randall Roorda, Christopher Schroeder, J. Blake Scott, Dean Swinford, Christian R. Weisser, and Lynn Worsham.

Sidney I. Dobrin is Associate Professor of English and Director of Writing Programs at the University of Florida. He has published many books, including (with Christian R. Weisser) Natural Discourse: Toward Ecocomposition, also published by SUNY Press. Christopher J. Keller is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Texas-Pan American.

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Table of Contents


Why Writing Environments: An Introduction
Sidney I. Dobrin and Christopher J. Keller

Taking Back the Language: An Interview with Annette Kolodny

Where Writing Takes Place: A Response to Annette Kolodny
Lynn Worsham

Developing Feminist-Environmental Rhetorics: A Response to Annette Kolodny
Elizabeth A. Flynn

Response to Flynn and Worsham
Annette Kolodny

Writing Activism: An Interview with Rick Bass

Avenues of Activism: A Response to Rick Bass
Christian R. Weisser

The Active Voice
Sid Dobrin

Writing Nature, Making Connections: An Interview with David Quammen

Natural Diversity: A Response to David Quammen
Christopher Schroeder

Of Gardens and Classrooms, Plants and Discourse: A Response to David Quammen
Christopher J. Keller

Writing with Intent: An Interview with Janisse Ray

Making Arguments: A Response to Janisse Ray
Julie Drew

Ecocomposition, Activist Writing, and Natural Ecosystems: A Response to Janisse Ray
Eric Otto

The Quest for Truth: An Interview with Max Oelschlaeger

Mapping Babel: A Response to Max Oelschlaeger
M. Jimmie Killingsworth

In Response to Max Oelschlaeger
Derek Owens

A Reconsideration of Wild Discourse: Response to Killingsworth and Owens
Max Oelschlaeger

Writing the Native American Life: An Interview with Simon Ortiz

Rethinking Responsibility: A Response to Simon Ortiz
Scott Richard Lyons

Dear Simon: A Response to Simon Ortiz
Malea Powell

Stories for the Earth: An Interview with Scott Russell Sanders

The Grounded Voice: A Response to Scott Russell Sanders
Lezlie Laws

One Tribe among the Host of Living Tribes: A Response to Scott Russell Sanders
Sushil K. Oswal

Ecocriticism, Writing, and Academia: An Interview with Cheryll Glotfelty

Writing, Nature, and Composing Bridges: A Response to Cheryll Glotfelty
Kaye Adkins

Where the Fusang Grows: A Response to Cheryll Glotfelty
Dean Swinford

Response to Adkins and Swinford
Cheryll Glotfelty

Writing Natural History: An Interview with Ann Zwinger

Rambling: A Response to Ann Zwinger
Randall Roorda

The Mud Puddle and the Rose: A Response to Ann Zwinger
Annie Merrill Ingram

Response to Roorda and Ingram
Ann Zwinger

Writing the Scientific Life: An Interview with Edward O. Wilson

Contradictory Stances toward Interdisciplinarity: A Response to E. O. Wilson from a Rhetorician of Science
J. Blake Scott

Science, the Humanities, and the Public Intellectual: A Response to E. O. Wilson
Christian R. Weisser



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