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Landmines and Human Security
International Politics and War's Hidden Legacy
Landmines and Human Security
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Richard A. Matthew - Editor
Bryan McDonald - Editor
Kenneth R. Rutherford - Editor
Her Majesty Queen Noor - Foreword by
The Honorable Lloyd Axworthy - Foreword by
Lady Heather Mills McCartney - Foreword by
Sir Paul McCartney - Foreword by
Senator Patrick Leahy - Foreword by
SUNY series in Global Politics
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Release Date: June 2004
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Recounts and evaluates the worldwide effort to ban landmines.

“This volume charts how a diverse group of individuals with no common affiliation or political interest other than their collective cause, using modern networking and communications, can bring about social change. In documenting this alone, this volume has done great service.” — Journal of Peace Research

"This dramatic account of the mine ban movement, which arose with unparalleled speed to touch so many lives, is both a model study in effective coalition activism and a moving story that will inspire anyone who seeks to make our world a more humane, just, and safe place for all who share it." — from the Foreword by Her Majesty Queen Noor

"Landmines and Human Security brings together the diverse insights and experiences of nongovernmental leaders, politicians, civil servants, academics, and landmine survivors to tell the story of the ICBL, to assess its impact, to reflect on its lessons, and to remind us of the challenges that remain in addressing the global landmine crisis." — from the Foreword by Lady Heather Mills McCartney and Sir Paul McCartney

"There are important lessons to be learned, and Landmines and Human Security gives us the tools to apply these lessons as we move forward, both to universalize the Ottawa Treaty and to meet other challenges in today's dangerous and complex world." — from the Foreword by Senator Patrick Leahy

An impressive array of activists, scholars, government officials, journalists, and landmine victims themselves are gathered here to tell the dramatic and inspiring story of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL). Organized in the early 1990s, the ICBL is a network of more than one thousand nongovernmental organizations worldwide, working for a global ban on landmines. It was an important force behind the treaty to ban antipersonnel landmines that was signed in Ottawa in 1997, and which led to its being awarded the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize, along with its coordinator.

Contributors include the Honorable Lloyd Axworthy, Kerry Brinkert, Paul Chamberlain, Stacy Bernard Davis, Carlos dos Santos, Glenna L. Fak, Michael J. Flynn, Leah Fraser, Ted Gaulin, Stephen Goose, Kevin Hamilton, Nay Htun, Colin King, Senator Patrick Leahy, David Long, Richard A. Matthew, Lady Heather Mills McCartney and Sir Paul McCartney, Bryan McDonald, Claudio Torres Nachón, Her Majesty Queen Noor, J. Antonio Ohe, Donald F. "Pat" Patierno, Kenneth R. Rutherford, Oren J. Schlein, Paul Wapner, Raquel Willerman, and Jody Williams.

Richard A. Matthew is Associate Professor of International and Environmental Politics and Director of the Center for Unconventional Security Affairs at the University of California at Irvine. Bryan McDonald is Assistant Director of the Center for Unconventional Security Affairs at the University of California at Irvine. Kenneth R. Rutherford is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Southwest Missouri State University and cofounder of the Landmine Survivors Network.

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Table of Contents


Her Majesty Queen Noor
The Honorable Lloyd Axworthy
Lady Heather Mills McCartney and Sir Paul McCartney
Senator Patrick Leahy



1. Human Security and the Mine Ban Movement I: Introduction
Richard A. Matthew

2. The Global Landmine Crisis in the 1990s
Bryan McDonald

3. Evaluating the Impacts of the Ottawa Treaty
Leah Fraser


4. Nongovernmental Organizations and the Landmine Ban
Kenneth R. Rutherford

5. Clearing the Path to a Mine-Free World: Implementing the Ottawa Convention
Kerry Brinkert and Kevin Hamilton

6. Europe and the Ottawa Treaty: Compliance with Exceptions and Loopholes
Paul Chamberlain and David Long

7. Perspective from a Mine-Affected Country: Mozambique
Carlos dos Santos

8. Victim Assistance: Landmine Survivors’ Perspectives
Raquel Willerman


9. Political Minefield
Michael J. Flynn

10. Tackling the Global Landmine Problem: The United States Perspective
Stacy Bernard Davis and Donald F. "Pat" Patierno

11. Demining: Enhancing the Process
Colin King

12. Public–Private Demining Partnerships: A Case Study of Afghanistan
Oren J. Schlein

13. Landmines Prolong Conflicts and Impede Socioeconomic Development
Nay Htun

14. The Victim Assistance Provision of the Mine Ban Treaty
Glenna L. Fak

15. The Environmental Impacts of Landmines
Claudio Torres Nachón

16. A Necessary Evil?: Reexamining the Military Utility of Antipersonnel Landmines
Ted Gaulin

17. Are Landmines Still Needed to Defend South Korea?: A Mine Use Case Study
J. Antonio Ohe


18. The Campaign to Ban Antipersonnel Landmines: Potential Lessons
Stephen Goose and Jody Williams

19. The Campaign to Ban Antipersonnel Landmines and Global Civil Society
Paul Wapner

20. Human Security and the Mine Ban Movement II: Conclusions
Richard A. Matthew



SUNY Series in Global Politics

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