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Latin American Women On/In Stages
Latin American Women On/In Stages
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Margo Milleret - Author
SUNY series in Latin American and Iberian Thought and Culture
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Release Date: November 2004
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Compares plays by Latin American women dramatists born after 1945.

While a feminine perspective has become more common on Latin American stages since the late 1960s, few of the women dramatists who have contributed to this new viewpoint have received scholarly attention. Latin American Women On/In Stages examines twenty-four plays written by women living in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. While all of the plays critique the restraints placed on being female, several also offer alternatives that emphasize a broader and healthier range of options. Margo Milleret, using an innovative comparative and thematic approach, highlights similarities in the techniques and formats employed by female playwrights as they challenged both theatrical and social conventions. She argues that these representations of women's lives are important for their creativity and their insights into both the personal and public worlds of Latin America.

"A study of women characters in drama written by Latin American women is long overdue. Milleret examines the message of the individual play and ties that message to life and society outside the play. The author's approach is insightful and her analyses excellent." — Sharon Magnarelli, author of The Lost Rib: Female Characters in the Spanish-American Novel

"Milleret has focused on an area of Latin American theatre insufficiently explored. She is to be commended for her comparative studies of Spanish-American and Brazilian playwrights."--Adam Versényi, author of Theatre in Latin America: Religion, Politics, and Culture from Cortés to the 1980s

Margo Milleret is Associate Professor of Portuguese and Spanish at The University of New Mexico.

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Table of Contents


Introduction. Domesticating Drama

1. Reclaiming the Home

Romantic Love and the Loss of Self
Sexual Politics

2. Questioning Motherhood

Patriarchal Mothers and Rebellious Daughters
Negotiating Mothers and Independent Daughters

3. Staging Age and Sexuality

Midlife and Menopause
Postmenopausal Women and Sexuality
Final Acts

Conclusion. Beyond the Footlights

Appendix 1: Plays by Chapter

Appendix 2: Dramatists by Country




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