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Emancipating Cultural Pluralism
Emancipating Cultural Pluralism
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Cris E. Toffolo - Editor
M. Crawford Young - Afterword
SUNY series in National Identities
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Hardcover - 292 pages
Release Date: March 2003
ISBN10: 0-7914-5597-1
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-5597-5

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Paperback - 292 pages
Release Date: February 2003
ISBN10: 0-7914-5598-X
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Examines both the benign and harmful aspects of identity politics.

Combining detailed case studies with discussions of deeper theoretical controversies, Emancipating Cultural Pluralism investigates both the benign and harmful aspects of identity politics. This provocative collection delves into some of the most difficult issues of cultural pluralism, such as what accounts for the immense power of identity politics, whether identity politics can be inherently good or evil, whether states are the right institutions to deal with ethnic conflict, the prevention of genocide, the value of devolving power to the local level, and more. The contributions are united by the conviction that more attention needs to be paid to the normative issues associated with various expressions of cultural pluralism, for the ethical implications of the phenomena are too profound to be ignored.

“The problem of addressing cultural and ethnic diversity is one of the most challenging issues facing the world today. I found the combination of theory and case studies to be unusually effective. Toffolo's idea of bringing together postmodern notions of constructed identity to criticize the old model of development or modernization is very good.” — Suzanne Jacobitti, Southern Illinois University

“An intellectual breakthrough that goes beyond the moribund frameworks of modernizing homogenization to conceive a truly diverse and plural cultural world without domination.” — Jay O'Brien, California State University at Fresno

Contributors include Ismail H. Abdalla, Paul Adogamhe, Assefaw Bariagaber, Robert Buffington, Ellen Christensen, Jeff Hoover, Beth Simon, Thomas W. Simon, Selma K. Sonntag, Manfred Steger, Virginia Q. Tilley, Cris E. Toffolo, and M. Crawford Young.

Cris E. Toffolo is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of St. Thomas.

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Table of Contents


Part 1. Introduction

1. Overview and Critique of the Present Research into the Politics of Cultural Pluralism
Cris Toffolo

Part 2. Transforming the Conceptual, Theoretical, and Methodological Terrain

2. A Propaedeutic to the Theorizing of Cultural Pluralism
Jeff Hoover

3. The Ethnic State: The Structural Generation of Ethnic Conflict by the International System
Virginia Q.Tilley

4. Cleansing Ethnicity: Taking Group Harms Seriously
Thomas W. Simon

Part 3. Interrogating the Logic of Cultural Politics

5. Forjando Patria: Anthropology, Criminology, and the Post-Revolutionary Discourse on Citizenship
Robert Buffington

6. The Shari'a State: The Case of the Islamists in the Sudan
Ismail H. Abdalla

7. Mahatma Gandhi on Indian Self-Rule: An Instrumentalist, an Ethno-Symbolic, or a Psychological Discourse of Nationalism?
Manfred B. Steger

8. Here We Do Not Speak Bhojpuri: A Semantics of Opposition
Beth Simon

9. Reclaiming Sacred Hindu Space at Ayodhya: The Hindu Right and the Politics of Cultural Symbolism in Contemporary India
Ellen Christensen

Part 4. Transforming the Institutional Framework

10. Self-Government in the Darjeeling Hills of India
Selma K. Sonntag

11. Politics of State Creation and Ethnic Relations in Nigeria: The Case of Former Bendel State
Paul G. Adogamhe

12. Ethnicity and Constitutionalism in Ethiopia
Assefaw Bariagaber

Part 5: Conclusion

13. Afterword: Interrogating the Emancipation of Cultural Pluralism
Crawford Young



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