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Teaching to Transcend
Educating Women against Violence
Teaching to Transcend
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Cheryl L. Sattler - Author
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Hardcover - 174 pages
Release Date: July 2000
ISBN10: 0-7914-4595-X
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-4595-2

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Paperback - 174 pages
Release Date: July 2000
ISBN10: 0-7914-4596-8
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-4596-9

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Examines teaching and learning in shelters for battered women.

Teaching to Transcend explores a particular kind of safe space for the education of women: domestic violence shelters. Women in shelters are literally taught concepts from self-worth to financial management, parenting, and feminist values of equality and rights. They also learn more subtly through counseling, interaction, and affirmation of their own stories and survival. The ways in which women in shelters are educated are based upon the concepts of feminist pedagogy, such as intent listening, empowering voice, and radical social action. Teaching to Transcend expands both the concept of feminist spaces and feminist pedagogy and our understanding of the connections between education and politics (particularly the political economy of social knowledge) and non-school-based education spaces.

"Cheryl Sattler has woven a tapestry of voices endemic to educating women (and men) about the impact of storytelling as a form of pedagogy in understanding how violence impacts the lives of women, children, and men. She has used a multiplicity of theoretical tenets to illuminate her point: feminist theory, critical theory, ethnography, popular culture, and the 'lived stories' of the women that she came into contact with during her research and activism." -- Dianne Smith, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Cheryl L. Sattler is a Research Scientist and Editor at Thompson Publishing Group, Washington, D.C.

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Table of Contents


A Purposeful Writing


Two Shelters, Shared Hope

Organization of the Book

Chapter 1. Ties That Bind: Domestic Violence as Slavery

Go Down, Moses

Way Down to Egypt Land

Tell Old Pharoh

Let My People Go

Uneasy Silence

From Slavery to Freedom

Chapter 2. Education in the Company of Women

Women's Work, Women's Space, Women's Refuge

From Parlor to Politics

Shelters as Communities

Through the Shelter Door

Settling in to Shelter Life

Chapter 3. (Re)gaining Consciousness

Telling Stories

Raising Consciousness and Raising Hell

Consciousness-raising in Shelters

A Storm in a Haven Chapter

Chapter 4. Learning Without Teachers, Teaching Without Books

Translating Formal and Informal Learning

Defining Spaces as Educational

Formal Training

There But For the Grace of God

Shelter Work as a Teaching Profession

Chapter 5. Sharing Secrets and Making Noise

The Clothesline Project

An Education in Silence

Teaching with T-Shirts

Thinking Outside the Box

Education On the Line

Chapter 6. Sisters Doin' It for Themselves

Fight for Power

Making (Difficult) Choices

A Contrast in Control

A Place to Call Home

(Re)Building Trust

Chapter 7. Teaching to Transcend

The Meaning of Survival

An Unbroken Circle

Appendix A. The Dynamics of Domestic Violence

Nowhere To Run To

Faces of Victims: Faces of Friends

Faces of Control: Faces of Men

I'm Sorry . . . Forgive Me . . .

Out of Control

Are You Ready, My Sister?

I Wish I Were a Boy

Appendix B. Domestic Violence Timeline, with Key Slavery-Related Dates

Appendix C. Teaching and Learning with Adults

A Question of Purpose

Profile of an Adult Learner and an Adult Educator

Redefining the Adult Learner

Redefining the Adult Educator

From Theory to Practice

Feminism and Andragogy

Question Assumptions



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