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Review Essays in Israel Studies
Books on Israel, Volume V
Review Essays in Israel Studies
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Laura Zittrain Eisenberg - Editor
Neil Caplan - Editor
SUNY series in Israeli Studies
Price: $95.00 
Hardcover - 321 pages
Release Date: January 2000
ISBN10: 0-7914-4421-X
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-4421-4

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Paperback - 321 pages
Release Date: January 2000
ISBN10: 0-7914-4422-8
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-4422-1

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Introduces the cutting edge issues and current scholarship in the interdisciplinary field of Israel Studies.

Representing a wide array of disciplines: economics, history, literature, political science, anthropology, and sociology, this book offers original examinations of the state of scholarship about Israel, as well as insightful assessments of contemporary Israeli society, politics, economy, and culture. The contributors review and analyze more than sixty recent publications, half of them in Hebrew or Arabic, showcasing important literature not readily accessible to European and North American readers. Continuing the tradition established by the preceding volumes, Review Essays in Israel Studies offers a rich and varied treatment of new scholarship and enhances our understanding of Israel studies today.

Contributors include, Hemda Ben Yehuda, Hanita Brand, Nitza Druyan, David Jacobson, Muhammad Muslih, Maen F. Nsour, Ilan Peleg, David Rodman, Yaakova Sacerdoti, Ofir Seliktar, Tobe Shanok, Jeffrey Sosland, Deborah A. Starr, Naomi Weinberger, and Eyal Zisser.

"There are a variety of collections of articles about Israel currently available. Usually, these are not broad overviews, but rather collections of specialized articles on a particular topic, such as the crisis in democracy in Israel or religion or Israeli society. This volume is unique in two ways: it covers a variety of disciplines (political science, history, sociology, anthropology, literature, and cultural studies), and it reviews the recent, mostly academic, literature in these areas." -- James Armstrong, State University of New York at Plattsburgh

Laura Zittrain Eisenberg is Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of History at Carnegie Mellon University. She is the author of My Enemy's Enemy: Lebanon in the Early Zionist Imagination, 1900-1948 and coauthor (with Neil Caplan) of Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: Patterns, Problems, Possibilities. Neil Caplan is Coordinator of the Humanities Department and Jewish Studies Programme at Vanier College in Montreal. He is the author of Palestine Jewry and the Arab Question, 1917-1925; The Lausanne Conference, 1949: A Case Study in Middle East Peacemaking; and Futile Diplomacy.

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Table of Contents


1. Ivory Tower and Embassy: Interview with Itamar Rabinovich

Part I:
History, Economics, and Politics

2. The Yishuv's Early Capabilities: Organization, Leadership, and Policies

Tobe Shanok

3. The Transition to a Market Economy: The Road Half Taken

Ofira Seliktar

4. Israel as a Liberal Democracy: Civil Rights in the Jewish State

Ilan Peleg

5. "Normal" or "Special"? Israel's Relationships with America and Germany in Historical Perspective

David Rodman

Part II:
Society and Culture

6. Mythmaking and Commemoration in Israeli Culture

David C. Jacobson

7. Prophecy of Wrath: Israeli Society as Reflected in Satires for Children

Yaakova Sacerdoti

8. Women's Issues in the Literary Marketplace: Anthologies of Israeli Women Writers

Hanita Brand

9. Yemenite Jews on the Zionist Altar

Nitza Druyan

Part III:
Israel in the Region

10. Policy Transformation in the Middle East: Arms Control Regimes and National Security Reconciled

Hemda Ben-Yehuda

11. Palestinian Sovereignty and Israeli Security: Dilemmas of the Permanent-Status Negotiations

Naomi Weinberger

12. The Domestic-International Confluence: The Challenge of Israel's Water Problems

Jeffrey Sosland

Part IV:
Views of Israel from the Arab World

13. On Opposite Sides of the Hill: Syrian and Israeli Perspectives

Eyal Zisser

14. Egyptian Representation of Israeli Culture: Normalizing Propaganda or Propagandizing Normalization?

Deborah A. Starr

15. Arab-Israeli Economic Relations and Relative Gains Concerns

Maen F. Nsour

16. The Debate over Normalization: Adonis and His Arab Critics

Muhammad Muslih


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