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Community Service-Learning
A Guide to Including Service in the Public School Curriculum
Community Service-Learning
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Rahima C. Wade - Editor
SUNY series, Democracy and Education
Hardcover - 396 pages
Release Date: January 1997
ISBN10: 0-7914-3183-5
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-3183-2

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Paperback - 396 pages
Release Date: January 1997
ISBN10: 0-7914-3184-3
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-3184-9

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Presents a comprehensive resource for those interested in youth involvement in community service as part of the public school curriculum.

Service-learning, the integration of community service with academic course work, is a promising strategy for enhancing learning and developing active democratic citizens. This book responds to the many recent calls for youth involvement in service as part of the public school curriculum. While service-learning holds many benefits for students, teachers, and communities, there are also many challenges to effectively incorporatie it into the curriculum.

Each of the book's four parts provides a different scope and purpose. Part 1 addresses the components of quality service- learning programs; Part 2 introduces diverse models of service-learning programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels; Part 3 allows students, agency members, and administrators to tell their own stories of service-learning involvement, to discuss issues with other individuals who share their roles, and to offer recommendations for effective action; and Part 4 asks readers to consider the future of service-learning in public schooling.

Community Service-Learning is a comprehensive resource that will be valuable for all those involved with K-12 service-learning programs: administrators, classroom teachers, students, program coordinators, and university teacher education programs.

"If a school leader had the resources to acquire but one book to guide the development of a school-based community service-learning program, Rahima C. Wade's volume would clearly be the best choice." - THE SOCIAL STUDIES'

Rahima C. Wade is Associate Professor of Elementary Social Studies at the University of Iowa.

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Table of Contents


Community Service-Learning in a Democracy: An Introduction

Part 1. Community Service-Learning

1. Community Service-Learning: An Overview
Rahima C. Wade

2. Preparation
Rahima C. Wade

3. Collaboration
Rahima C. Wade

4. Service
Rahima C. Wade

5. Curriculum Integration
Rahima C. Wade

6. Reflection
Rahima C. Wade

7. Building Support for Service-Learning
Rahima C. Wade

Part 2. Service Learning in Schools

8. Service-Learning in a Democratic Society: Essential Practices for K-12 Programs
Richard M. Battistoni

9. Elementary School Programs
Carol Kinsely

10. Middle School Programs
Felecia George

11. High School Programs
Don Hill and Denise Clark Pope

12. Teachers of Service-Learning
Susan E. Seigel

Part 3. Voices from the Field

13. Classroom Teacher
Donna Boynton

14. Student
Tracy Thomas

15. Administrator
Carolyn S. Anderson and Judith T. Whitmer

16. School Programs Coordinator
Winifred Evers Pardo

17. Staff Developer
James and Pamela Toole

18. Community Agency Member
David Kelly-Hedrick

19. Parent
John G. Shepard

20. Statewide Service-Learning Coordinator
Cynthia Parsons

Part 4. The Future of Service-Learning

21. Challenges to Effective Practice
Rahima C. Wade

22. Service-Learning in Preservice Teacher Education
Rahima C. Wade

23. Service-Learning in a Democratic Society: Conclusion
Rahima C. Wade

Appendix: Resources for K-12
Community Service-Learning Programs

Jean McMenimen

Books and Reports
Community Action Books
Curriculum Guides
Journal Articles

Community Service-Learning Resource Kits


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