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Women Leading In Education
Women Leading In Education
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Diane M. Dunlap - Editor
Patricia A. Schmuck - Editor
Hardcover - 464 pages
Release Date: November 1994
ISBN10: 0-7914-2215-1
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-2215-1

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Price: $36.95 
Paperback - 464 pages
Release Date: November 1994
ISBN10: 0-7914-2216-X
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-2216-8


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"This book is a remarkable and much needed volume that documents and celebrates women's experiences in educational leadership. The volume is much more than a collection of women's voices: it is a wonderful chorus. The voices are consistently clear, caring, illuminating, and feminist. Men and women who read this will have a better understanding of women's experiences of leading in education and an increased appreciation for those experiences. Furthermore, women will likely have a deeper understanding of connectedness with other women's experiences, and they could feel affirmed and encouraged to share their own voices. This is an exceptionally exciting book." -- Nancy A. Evers, University of Cincinnati

"I especially liked the fact that the book brings the reader to an understanding of how women (and minorities) may contribute significantly to education by re-shaping leadership roles and educational organizations. The book helps the reader see beyond the limitations of 'the white male system.' " -- Diana G. Pounder, University of Utah

Diane M. Dunlap is Dean of the Graduate School at Hamline University. Patricia A. Schmuck is Director of the Educational Administration Program at Lewis & Clark College. She is editor of Women Educators: Employees of Schools in Western Countries also published by SUNY Press.

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Table of Contents

Charol Shakeshaft


Patricia A. Schmuck and Diane M. Dunlap

I. Preparing Women for Leadership: Conditions and Critiques

1. Reexamining Educational Leadership: Challenging Assumptions
Penny Poplin Gosetti and Edith Rusch

2. Ten Years Later: Too Little, Too Late?
Sakre Kennington Edson

3. The Head Teacher as Career Broker: Stories from An English Primary School
Sandra Acker

4. "Is That Sociology?": The Accounts of Women of Color Graduate Students in Ph.D. Programs
Mary Romero and Debbie Storrs

5. Gender Awareness and Contradictions in The Education of Early Childhood Teachers
Christine Chaille

II. Socialization of Women into Educational Leadership: Conditions and Critiques

6. Women Ascending to Leadership: The Organizational Socialization of Principals
Ann Weaver Hart

7. Learning Leadership through Mentorships
L. Jean Pence

8. The Mom and Pop Model of School Administration: A Case Study
Michelle Collay and Helen LaMar

9. Suit-able for Promotion: A Game of Educational Snakes and Ladders
Alyson M. Worrall

10. The Bureaucratic Restraints to Caring in Schools
Ava L. McCall

III. Women Leading: Assimilation, Acceptance and Resistance

11. Advocacy Organizations for Women School Administrators, 1977-1993
Patricia A. Schmuck

12. The Trouble with Change: A Conversation between Colleagues
Willi Coleman and Patricia Harris

13. Administrative Women and Their Writing: Reproduction and Resistance in Bureaucracies
Joanne E. Cooper

14. Women in Educational Administration: Views of Equity
Evelyn Nelson Matthews

15. Women Principals' Views on Sex Equity: Exploring Issues of Integration and Information
Patricia A. Schmuck and Jane Schubert

16. "If I Weren't Involved in Schools, I Might Be Radical": Gender Consciousness in Context
Colleen S. Bell

17. The Class Ceiling Reconsidered: Views from Below
Mary Woods Scherr

Part IV. Shaping Alternative Visions of Leadership: An Agenda for a New Century

18. To Walk The Red Road as School Leaders
P.J. Ford Slack and Patricia Cornelius

19. Women's Working Worlds: A Case Study of A Female Organization
Patricia Valentine

20. Leadership from The Classroom: Women Teachers as A Key to School Reform
Vivian Troen and Katherine C. Boles

21. Women Principals--Leading with Power
Kathleen S. Hurty

22. In the Image of The Double Helix: A Reconstruction of Schooling
Helen B. Regan

23. Women Leading: An Agenda for A New Century
Diane M. Dulap

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