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What Schools Can Do
Critical Pedagogy and Practice
What Schools Can Do
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Kathleen Weiler - Editor
Candace Mitchell - Editor
SUNY Series, Teacher Empowerment and School Reform
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Hardcover - 293 pages
Release Date: October 1992
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ISBN13: 978-0-7914-1127-8

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Paperback - 293 pages
Release Date: October 1992
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This book is organized around three themes: mechanisms of domination and control; pedagogies of possibility; and theory as critique. It links education with an analysis of politics and economics, and takes as central the possibilities of schools as places where social critique and the empowerment of students can take place. The authors have considered the possibilities of student resistance and curriculum transformation, and have deepened their critiques to incorporate recent theoretical analyses influenced by feminist critiques, anti-racist approaches, and postmodernist thought.

In moving from theoretical analysis to "practical" examples of curriculum transformation and classroom practice, What Schools Can Do provides both a foundation for the analysis of schooling and alternatives for teaching practice.

"The articles in this splendid collection are representative of some of the best work currently undertaken in the critical educational field. I highly recommend this book to all teachers, researchers, administrators and cultural workers interested in transforming current teaching practices and exercising leadership in both school and social reform." -- Peter L. McLaren, Miami University of Ohio

Kathleen Weiler is Assistant Professor of Education at Tufts University. She is the author of Women Teaching for Change. Candace Mitchell is Assistant Professor of English at the University of New Hampshire and Managing Editor of the Journal of Education and editor of The Journal of Urban and Cultural Studies.

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Table of Contents


Introduction by Kathleen Weiler

I. Theorizing Power/Knowledge

The Hope of Radical Education
Henry A. Giroux

Schools and Families: A Feminist Perspective
Madeleine Arnot

Sex, Pregnancy, and Schooling: Obstacles to a Critical Teaching of the Body
Laurie McDade

Presence of Mind in the Absence of Body
Linda Brodkey and Michelle Fine

Knowledge, Power, and Discourse in Social Studies Education
Cleo Cherryholmes

Multicultural Education: Minority Identities, Textbooks, and the Challenge of Curricular Reform
Cameron McCarthy

Culture, Pedagogy, and Power: Issues in the Production of Values and Colonialization
Thomas S. Popkewitz

II. Pedagogies of Possibility

Decentering Discourses in Teacher Education: Or, the Unleashing of Unpopular Things
Deborah P. Britzman

The Politics of Race: Through the Eyes of African-American Teachers
Michele Foster

The Art of Being Present: Educating for Aesthetic Encounters
Maxine Greene

Schooling, Popular Culture, and a Pedagogy of Possibility
Henry A. Giroux and Roger I. Simon

Critical Mathematics Education: An Application of Paulo Freire's Epistemology
Marilyn Frankenstein

Writing Pedagogy: A Dialogue of Hope
Anne-Louis Brookes and Ursula A. Kelly



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