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Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy IV
Aristotle's Ethics
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy IV
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John P. Anton - Editor
Anthony Preus - Editor
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Hardcover - 284 pages
Release Date: August 1991
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ISBN13: 978-0-7914-0654-0

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Release Date: August 1991
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"This is a polyphonic discussion of issues which is sophisticated and scholarly without being esoteric and technical. It enhances one's understanding of Aristotle's ethics and also sharpens one's awareness of the challenging problems of interpretation and ensuing controversies. There is a revival of the ethics of character whose representative par excellence is Aristotle." -- Dr. Constantine Georgiadis, McMaster University

"Each of the eassays in the Anton and Preus volume offers something of value for our understanding of Aristotle's ethics, be it a vigorous analysis of an argument, a fresh interpretation of a passage in Aristotle's perennially compelling Nicomachean Ethics, or an apercu about Aristotle's contribution to the modern debate over virtue and the good life." -- Carol S. Gould, Union College

John P. Anton is Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Florida and author of Naturalism and Historic Understanding: Essays in the Philosophy of John Herman Randall, Jr., and co-author, with Anthony Preus, of Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy I; Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy II; and Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy III: Plato; all published by SUNY Press. Anthony Preus is Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Binghamton.

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Table of Contents

John P. Anton and Anthony Preus

I. Methodology

Robert Bolton, Rutgers University, "Aristotle on the Objectivity of Ethics"

Lawrence J. Jost, University of Cincinnati, "Eudemian Ethical Method"

II. Ergon

Alfonso Gomez-Lobo, Georgetown University, "The Ergon Inference"

Deborah Achtenberg, University of Nevada-Reno, "The Role of the Ergon Argument in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics"

Arthur Madigan, S.J., Boston College, "Eth. Nic. 9.8: Beyond Egoism and Altruism?"

III. Virtue and Character

W.W. Fortenbaugh, Rutgers University, "Aristotle's Distinction Between Moral Virtue and Practical Wisdom"

Charles M. Young, Claremont Graduate School, "Aristotle on Temperance"

Ronna Burger, Tulane University, "Ethical Reflection and Righteous Indignation: Nemesis in the Nicomachean Ethics"

IV. Moral Reasoning

Joseph Owens, C.Ss. R., Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studiesm University of Toronto, "Value and Practical Knowledge in Aristotle"

Robert B. Louden, University of Southern Maine, "Aristotle's Practical Particularism"

D.K.W. Modrack, University of Rochester, "Aristotle on Reason, Practical Reason, and Living Well"

Thomas M. Tuozzo, University of Kansas, "Aristotelian Deliberation is Not of Ends"

V. Persons and Property

Anthony Preus, SUNY Binghamton, "Aristotle and Respect for Persons"

Fred D. Miller Jr., Bowling Green State University, "Aristotle on Property Rights"



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Index of Concepts

Index of Classical Passages Cited

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