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Economic Opportunities in Freer U. S. Trade with Canada
Economic Opportunities in Freer U. S. Trade with Canada
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Fredric C. Menz - Editor
Sarah A. Stevens - Editor
Hardcover - 206 pages
Release Date: July 1991
ISBN10: 0-7914-0530-3
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-0530-7

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Paperback - 206 pages
Release Date: July 1991
ISBN10: 0-7914-0531-1
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-0531-4

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This book provides an overview of the recently implemented Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and highlights its implications for manufacturing, engineering, and technological firms and for service industries. Because the perspective is global as well as regional, the concerns of both multinational and smaller businesses are addressed.

The text focuses on how the economic environment in both countries will change as a result of the agreement, and how businesses should respond to those changes. It also discusses past, present, and future trade relations between Canada and the United States and between North America and Europe.

Contributors to this volume include academic authorities Richard G. Lipsey, Alan M. Rugman, Steven Blank, and Jeffrey J. Schott; Canadian and U.S. Business leaders G. Firman Bentley, Daniel Walsh, and Pierre S. Pettigrew; and government officials Gerald E. Shannon, James Tarrant, Thomas M. T. Niles, and Richard M. McGahey.

Fredric C. Menz is Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Canadian-U.S. Business Studies at Clarkson University. Sarah A. Stevens is Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at St. Lawrence University.

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Table of Contents

Figures and Tables

Preface and Acknowledgments

Foreword: Thoughts on the Canada–U.S. Free Trade Agreement
Richard G. Lipsey

Editors' Introduction: The Canada–U.S. Free Trade Agreement in Context
Fredric C. Menz and Sarah A. Stevens

Part I: Overview of Economic Opportunities: Global Impact

1. Overview and Highlights of the Free Trade Agreement
James R. Tarrant

2. Adjustments by Multinational Firms to Free Trade
Alan M. Rugman

3. The Implications of Freer Trade in Services
Jeffrey J. Schott

4. Perspective of a Multinational Firm
G. Firman Bentley

5. The Interrelationship of Canada, the United States,and the European Economic Community
Thomas A. Cronin

Part II: Trade and Economic Opportunities in the St. Lawrence River Basin Region

6. Perspective of the New York State Business Council
Daniel B. Walsh

7. Trade and Investment Flows in New York State: Effects of the Free Trade Agreement
Prem Gandhi

8. Effects of Freer Trade on New York State: Economic Impact and Policy Considerations
Richard M. McGahey and Jonathan P. Doh

Part III: Business Strategies in a Changing Economic Environment

9. Free Trade: A Challenge for Canada's Industrial Heartland
Pierre S. Pettigrew

10. Perspectives of Multinational Business Firms
Raymond D. Gladu, J. A. Craig, and John T. McLennan

11. The Economic Climate for Canadian Investment
Arpad Abonyi

12. Canadian Business Expansion and U.S. Immigration Laws
Gordon W. Sacks

Part IV: Prospects for the Future

13. Concluding Observations
Stephen Blank

14. Looking Ahead
Gerald E. Shannon


Appendix: Remarks of Other Distinguished Speakers

Richard H. Gallagher
Thomas M. T. Niles
George H. Musgrove
John M. Endries
Frank A. Augsbury, Jr.
H. Graham Jones
Stan Lundine
George M. Brown
Humphrey Tonkin

Notes and References

Notes on Contributors


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