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Letters of Louis D. Brandeis: Volume I, 1870-1907
Letters of Louis D. Brandeis: Volume I, 1870-1907 (June 1971)
Urban Reformer
Louis D. Brandeis - Author
Melvin I. Urofsky - Editor
David W. Levy - Editor

During his long career of public service, first as a reform-minded lawyer and later as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Louis Dembitz Brandeis (1856-1941) had a profound influence upon American life in this century.

In the words of Max Lerner: "Years from now, when historians can look back and put our time into perspective, they will say that one of its towering figures--more truly great than generals and dipl...(Read More)
Muslim Studies, Vol. 2
Muslim Studies, Vol. 2 (June 1971)
Ignac Goldziher - Author

Muslim Studies ranks high among the classics of the scholarly literature on Islam. Indeed this work, originally published in German in 1889–1890, can be justly counted among those which laid the foundations of the modern study of Islam as a religion and a civilization. The first volume of the English translation was published in 1967.

This second volume contains the famous study on the devel...(Read More)
The Growth of the International Economy, 1820-1960
The Growth of the International Economy, 1820-1960 (June 1971)
An Introductory Text
A. G. Kenwood - Editor
A. L. Lougheed - Editor

Here is an introduction to the study of the international economy as a mechanism for diffusing modern economic growth between nations. It is divided into three parts, of which the first examines the workings of the system in the years before 1914. This includes an analysis of the conditions favourable to the growth of international economic relations during the period, examines the changing character of the international flows of labor, capital an...(Read More)
The Igbo-Igala Borderland
The Igbo-Igala Borderland (June 1971)
Religion and Social Control in Indigenous African Colonialism
Austin J. Shelton - Author

This ethno-historical survey of the northern Nsukka borderland examines particularly one method of African colonial control. When, in the late eighteenth century, the Igala conquered the indigenous Igbo, they gained and held social control through monopoly of certain religious positions. However, despite conscious effort to maintain Igala religious lineages, these gradually became Igbonized. In delineating this religious-social control, Professor Sh...(Read More)
The Middle East Supply Centre
The Middle East Supply Centre (June 1971)
Martin W. Wilmington - Author
Laurence Evans - Editor

During World War II, the United States and the United Kingdom cooperated in the successful operation of a regional organization which indisputably saved the Middle East for the Allied cause and which, if perpetuated, might have formed the basis for regional peace and stability. This was the Middle East Supply Centre, whose creation, evolution, responsibilities, and activities are described analytically in this volume.

It was an agency, says t...(Read More)
The Thalassocracies
The Thalassocracies (June 1971)
Molly Miller - Author

The study of chronography is a relatively new field, and Dr. Miller has once again contributed to its advancement with The Thalassocracies, her second original investigation in which she attempts to establish the chronography of events in the ancient world. This is an extension of Dr. Miller’s Sicilian Colony Dates, in which she examined the ability of the ancient Greek historians to cite dates for historical events oc...(Read More)
Book of Good Love
Book of Good Love (June 1970)
Juan Ruiz - Author

A masterpiece in the tradition of the Decameron and the Canterbury Tales, Juan Ruiz’s fourteenth-century Spanish narrative poem combines the comic and the serious, the bawdy and the practical, the satiric and the tender, the devout and the blasphemous. In a first prose translation, Professors Mignani and Di Cesare succeed in conveying the vitality and sly humor of the original.

The...(Read More)
Ethics and Social Justice
Ethics and Social Justice (June 1970)
Howard E. Kiefer - Editor
Milton K. Munitz - Editor

Hailed by philosopher Sidney Hook as "a landmark in the history of American philosophy," the International Philosophy Year in 1967-68 brought seventy of the Western world's most distinguished philosophers to the State University College at Brockport for a series of fourteen conferences devoted to different areas of philosophic inquiry.

Contemporary Philosophic Thought, which records the original papers of these conferences in four volu...(Read More)
Latin America in Transition
Latin America in Transition (June 1970)
Problems in Training and Research
Stanley R. Ross - Author

This collection of interdisciplinary papers and commentaries focusing on research problems in Latin America was presented at a conference held 22–23 March 1968 at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. It represents one of the first attempts by experienced scholars to discuss prerequisites and problems for researchers in terms of the methods and approaches, and training needed for field work in Latin America.

This pioneering work, now available for the first time in English, seeks to analyze the political process in Argentina, a nation that has long aspired to political leadership of Latin America but has failed to fulfill its aspiration because of political fragmentation and factionalism.

In determining who holds power in Argentina, Professor Imaz a...(Read More)
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