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Anthropological Research
Anthropological Research (July 1992)
Process and Application
John J. Poggie Jr. - Editor
Billie R. DeWalt - Editor
William W. Dressler - Editor

The authors of this book share a common assumption about anthropology--that replicable and systematic procedures of data collection and analysis are essential requirements for building useful cultural theory. They view cultural theory as both an aid to understanding sociocultural phenomena, and as an aid in changing existing social conditions.

This book focuses on five specific themes representing a set of principles for conducting research:...(Read More)
Stress and Adaptation in the Context of Culture
Stress and Adaptation in the Context of Culture (January 1991)
Depression in a Southern Black Community
William W. Dressler - Author

This book provides a unique study in social and cultural psychiatry, carried out in an African-American community in the rural South. Using a combination of concepts and methods from anthropology and social epidemiology, the specific social and psychological risk factors for depression are examined. The author places special emphasis on how that risk is modified by the social and historical context of the Black community in the United States, and ...(Read More)
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