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Transnational Competence
Transnational Competence (August 2000)
Rethinking the U.S.-Japan Educational Relationship
John N. Hawkins - Editor
William K. Cummings - Editor

Offers the definitive study of United States-Japan educational exchange relationship.

Born out of a bilateral project between distinguished scholars in Japan and the United States, Transnational Competence provides a definitive and comprehensive study of the status of relations between these two countries in an educational context. The book covers a wide-ranging array of themes, from an analysis of the tradition...(Read More)
The Challenge of Eastern Asian Education
The Challenge of Eastern Asian Education (March 1997)
Implications for America
William K. Cummings - Editor
Philip G. Altbach - Editor

Provides specific examples of Asian educational practice that may have relevance to the United States.

"There's nothing quite like this book. The organization of the topics is a plus, distinguishing between basic and secondary and not ignoring the private sector. The selection of authors is first-rate with a good mix of Asian and American experts. The introductory article by Lewis is a classic and sets the tone well--c...(Read More)
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