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Understanding Minority-Serving Institutions
Understanding Minority-Serving Institutions (March 2008)
Marybeth Gasman - Editor
Benjamin Baez - Editor
Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner - Editor
Walter R. Allen - Foreword by

Explores the particulars of minority-serving institutions while also highlighting their interconnectedness.

Understanding Minority-Serving Institutions explores these important institutions while also highlighting their interconnectedness, with the hope of sparking collaboration among the various types. Minority-serving institutions (MSIs) enroll and graduate the majority of students of color in the United St...(Read More)
College in Black and White
College in Black and White (July 1991)
African American Students in Predominantly White and in Historically Black Public Universities
Walter R. Allen - Editor
Edgar G. Epps - Editor
Nesha Z. Haniff - Editor

"The National Study of Black College Students (NSBCS) is the most comprehensive data base on Black college students that has been collected. This book presents in one volume several major studies using this rich data base and ties them together with a theoretical and methodological overview. Its strength lies in its comprehensiveness, its impressive richness of data, and its keen insights into the differences between Black students' experiences and ...(Read More)
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