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School Choice Policies and Outcomes
School Choice Policies and Outcomes (October 2008)
Empirical and Philosophical Perspectives
Walter Feinberg - Editor
Christopher Lubienski - Editor

Provides a clear assessment of all sides of the school choice debate.

Perhaps no school reform has generated as much interest and controversy in recent years as the proposal to have parents select their children’s schools. Opponents of school choice fear that rolling back the government’s role will lead to profit-driven financial scandals, sectarianism, and increased class and racial isolation. Sch...(Read More)

Education and Democratic Theory
Education and Democratic Theory (April 2001)
Finding a Place for Community Participation in Public School Reform
A. Belden Fields - Author
Walter Feinberg - Author

A ground-breaking look at how access to decision making in the public schools can be extended to all, even previously excluded segments of the community.

2001 AESA Critics' Choice Award

Much has been made of the gap between public schools and the communities that they serve. This book shows how a group of teachers, parents, and community people in “Ed City” formed an edu...(Read More)
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