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Carl Walters and Woodstock Ceramic Art
Carl Walters and Woodstock Ceramic Art (March 2017)
Sara J. Pasti - Author
Adrienne Spinozzi - Author
Tom Wolf - Author
Ursula Morgan - Author

Surveys the forty-year career of Carl Walters (1883–1955), a pioneer of modern ceramic art in the United States.

Drawing on the first major exhibition of Carl Walters in over sixty years, this catalogue includes an extensive critical essay by curator Tom Wolf and an additional essay by modern ceramics expert Adrienne Spinozzi. The catalogue places Walters (1883–1955) within the context of development of ceramic arts...(Read More)
Bradley Walker Tomlin
Bradley Walker Tomlin (September 2016)
A Retrospective
Daniel Belasco - Author and editor
Douglas Dreishpoon - Author
Elizabeth Dunbar - Author
Sara J. Pasti - Author
Robert Phelps - Author
Bradley Walker Tomlin - Author
Tom Wolf - Author

Presents new scholarship, images, and primary sources that explore the art and legacy of a critical yet under-recognized figure in Abstract Expressionism and twentieth-century American art.

“The gentleman Abstract Expressionist,” in the words of poet John Ashbery, Bradley Walker Tomlin was known for his elegance in both painting style and personal comportment. The book includes over forty paintings, ...(Read More)
Along His Own Lines
Along His Own Lines (February 2014)
A Retrospective of New York Realist Eugene Speicher
Valerie Ann Leeds - Author
Tom Wolf - Author
Daniel Belasco - Author
Sara J. Pasti - Author

The first scholarly exhibition catalogue of the work of Eugene Speicher (1883–1962), one of the foremost American realists of his generation, who was closely associated with George Bellows, Robert Henri, Leon Kroll, and Rockwell Kent.

Called “America’s greatest living painter” by Esquire magazine in 1936, Speicher (1883–1962) was one of the foremost realists of his generation...(Read More)
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