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Partnership within Hierarchy
Partnership within Hierarchy (March 2017)
The Evolving East Asian Security Triangle
Sung Chull Kim - Author

Examines intra-alliance politics between the United States, Japan, and South Korea.

In an age of increasingly complex security situations around the world, it is essential that students and practitioners understand alliances and minilateral security mechanisms. Partnership within Hierarchy examines, in depth, the troubled evolution of theUS–Japan–South Korea security trian...(Read More)
Engagement with North Korea
Engagement with North Korea (September 2009)
A Viable Alternative
Sung Chull Kim - Editor
David C. Kang - Editor

Examines how and why nations have persuaded North Korea to cooperate on topics such as nuclear policy.

How the world deals with North Korea—a state widely believed to possess a nuclear capability—will have ramifications for both regional and global stability. Engagement with North Korea examines the still controversial policy strategy known as engagement, which aims to persuade rather than f...(Read More)
North Korea under Kim Jong Il
North Korea under Kim Jong Il (October 2006)
From Consolidation to Systemic Dissonance
Sung Chull Kim - Author

Examines internal changes in North Korea under the expanding rule of Kim Jong Il.

North Korea has long been a country of mystique, both provoking two nuclear crises and receiving aid from the international community and South Korea in more recent times. North Korea under Kim Jong Il examines how internal changes in North Korea since the early 1970s have structured that nation’s apparently provocative nu...(Read More)
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