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Centering and Extending
Centering and Extending (April 2017)
An Essay on Metaphysical Sense
Steven G. Smith - Author

An original metaphysical proposal building on classical and contemporary sources.

In Centering and Extending, Steven G. Smith retrieves and refashions some of the best ideas of classical and early modern metaphysics to support insight into the natures of mental and material beings and their relations. Avoiding what he critiques as distortive paths of idealism, materialism, repressive monism, and overly permissive plura...(Read More)
Worth Doing
Worth Doing (May 2004)
Steven G. Smith - Author

A comprehensive look at how we rely on ideals of worthy action in the pursuit of moral happiness.

Distinguishing concepts of "worth" and worthiness of human lives and human activities from questions concerning value, well-being, or virtue, Steven G. Smith explores how worthwhile acts implement ideals of worthiness in four major domains—work, play, action in concert, and love. He touches on a wide range ...(Read More)
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