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Metaphor and Knowledge
Metaphor and Knowledge (July 2003)
The Challenges of Writing Science
Ken Baake - Author
Stephen A. Bernhardt - Foreword by

Analyzing the power of metaphor in the rhetoric of science, this book examines the use of words to express complex scientific concepts.

Metaphor and Knowledge
offers a sweeping history of rhetoric and metaphor in science, delving into questions about how language constitutes knowledge. Weaving together insights from a group of scientists at the Santa Fe Institute as they shape the new interdisciplinary field of complexit...(Read More)
Expanding Literacies
Expanding Literacies (March 1998)
English Teaching and the New Workplace
Mary Sue Garay - Editor
Stephen A. Bernhardt - Editor

1999 Best Collection of Essays in Technical and Scientific Communication - National Council of Teachers of English

Examines the escalating literacy demands of the new workplace, and makes suggestions for reshaping traditional English classes to better equip students with new skills to meet these needs.

"This book is readable, accessible, and informative. There's nothing available to compare ...(Read More)
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