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Postmodern Sophistry
Postmodern Sophistry (March 2004)
Stanley Fish and the Critical Enterprise
Gary A. Olson - Editor
Stanley Fish - Afterword
Lynn Worsham - Editor

An intensive examination of the theoretical writings of cultural and literary critic Stanley Fish.

Fifteen prominent scholars from a range of academic disciplines—legal studies, critical legal studies, political science, Jewish studies, rhetoric, and literary studies—explore various aspects of cultural and literary critic Stanley Fish's work. They examine Fish's understanding of how interpretation functions,...(Read More)
Justifying Belief
Justifying Belief (August 2002)
Stanley Fish and the Work of Rhetoric
Gary A. Olson - Author
Stanley Fish - Foreword by
J. Hillis Miller - Afterword

The first in-depth study of Stanley Fish's nonliterary writings.

While Stanley Fish has exerted immense influence on the study of seventeenth-century poetry and prose, his most widely read works—and perhaps his most important—are his nonliterary writings. In Justifying Belief, Gary Olson examines Fish's nonliterary work and explains that what unites Fish's interventions in so many seemingly dispa...(Read More)
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