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Gangs (April 1993)
The Origins and Impact of Contemporary Youth Gangs in the United States
Scott Cummings - Editor
Daniel J. Monti - Editor

This book is an examination of contemporary gangs in American cities. Gangs have proliferated over the past ten years and pose a new set of challenges to public officials, law enforcement agencies, and urban educators. Most major cities are now confronted with serious problems derived from gang violence, drug traffic, and disruption of the public educational system. In the face of deindustrialization and deepening recession, many minority youngst...(Read More)
Business Elites and Urban Development
Business Elites and Urban Development (April 1988)
Case Studies and Critical Perspectives
Scott Cummings - Editor

Written in a non-technical, narrative style, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with current trends in urban development. During the Reagan era, responsibility for urban planning and development was transferred from government to private business. This private sector hegemony over urban development differs markedly from the liberal policy initiatives of the 1960s and 1970s. Through a series of case studies, this book examines t...(Read More)
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