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Managing Welfare Reform in Five States
Managing Welfare Reform in Five States (October 2000)
The Challenge of Devolution
Sarah F. Liebschutz - Editor

Analyzes the responses of five states—Florida, Mississippi, New York, Washington, and Wisconsin—to the challenges of implementing welfare reform.

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 presented challenges to all states to alter their welfare programs and management systems. This book features similarities as well as differences in their implementation of welfare reform, ...(Read More)
Bargaining Under Federalism
Bargaining Under Federalism (July 1991)
Contemporary New York
Sarah F. Liebschutz - Author

"What I like best about the book is its emphasis on bargaining in the federal system and the inclusion of some real life examples of how that bargaining occurs. The subject is important. Understanding how domestic policies are made in America, how they are implemented, and the ways in which they affect citizens requires an understanding of the roles of the national, state, and local governments in the making and execution of public policy. This is...(Read More)
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