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Having a Word with Angus Graham
Having a Word with Angus Graham (March 2018)
At Twenty-Five Years into His Immortality
Carine Defoort - Editor
Roger T. Ames - Editor

Critical reflections on the work of Angus Charles Graham, renowned Western scholar of Chinese philosophy and sinology.

This volume engages with the works and ideas of Angus Charles Graham (1919–1991), one of the most prominent Western scholars of Chinese philosophy, at the twenty-fifth anniversary of his passing. Over a professional career of more than thirty years, Angus Graham produced an impressive amount of scholarshi...(Read More)
Xu Bing and Contemporary Chinese Art
Xu Bing and Contemporary Chinese Art (September 2011)
Cultural and Philosophical Reflections
Hsingyuan Tsao - Editor
Roger T. Ames - Editor

Explores how Xu Bing and other contemporary Chinese artists use Western ideas within a Chinese cultural discourse.

How Chinese is contemporary Chinese art? Treasured by collectors, critics, and art world cognoscenti, this art developed within an avant-garde that looked West to find a language to strike out against government control. Traditionally, Chinese artistic expression has been related to the structure and fun...(Read More)
Confucian Cultures of Authority
Confucian Cultures of Authority (July 2006)
Peter D. Hershock - Editor
Roger T. Ames - Editor

Explores a wide range of Confucian-based cultures of authority in China.

This volume examines the values that have historically guided the negotiation of identity, both practical and ideal, in Chinese Confucian culture, considers how these values play into the conception and exercise of authority, and assesses their contemporary relevance in a rapidly globalizing world. Included are essays that explore the rule of ...(Read More)
John Dewey, Confucius, and Global Philosophy
John Dewey, Confucius, and Global Philosophy (August 2004)
Joseph Grange - Author
Roger T. Ames - Foreword by

Bringing together the philosophies of John Dewey and Confucius, this work illustrates a means for cultural interaction and provides a model of global philosophy.

Joseph Grange's beautifully written book provides a unique synthesis of two major figures of world philosophy, John Dewey and Confucius, and points the way to a global philosophy based on American and Confucian values. Grange concentrates on the major themes ...(Read More)
Sun Bin: The Art of Warfare
Sun Bin: The Art of Warfare (March 2003)
A Translation of the Classic Chinese Work of Philosophy and Strategy
D. C. Lau - Translated with introduction and commentary
Roger T. Ames - Translated with introduction and commentary

A classic of both military strategy and Eastern philosophy from the fourth century B.C.E.

"For one who has really mastered the way of warfare, his enemy can do nothing to escape death." — Sun Bin

Sun Bin's Art of Warfare is an essential text of Chinese military philosophy and of strategy in general. This book, lost for over two thousand years and rediscovered only in...(Read More)
Wandering at Ease in the Zhuangzi
Wandering at Ease in the Zhuangzi (September 1998)
Roger T. Ames - Editor

A diverse collection of interpretive essays on the third-century B.C.E. Daoist classic, the Zhuangzi, which continues the long commentarial tradition on this work and underscores its relevance to our own time and place.

Chinese philosophy specialists examine the Zhuangzi, a third century B.C.E. Daoist classic, in this collection of interpretive essays. The Zhuangzi is a celebration of human creativity--its languag...(Read More)
Self as Image in Asian Theory and Practice
Self as Image in Asian Theory and Practice (May 1998)
Roger T. Ames - Editor
Thomas P. Kasulis - With
Wimal Dissanayake - With

Explores, from a cross-cultural viewpoint and in terms of symbolic expression, the self's problematic relationship to language and art and to the culture embedding the language and art.

"The topic is significant and the essays provide even greater insights when combined with their first two volumes. In particular, the work is so clear that I would have no hesitation using this book as an undergraduate text in a variety o...(Read More)
Thinking from the Han
Thinking from the Han (January 1998)
Self, Truth, and Transcendence in Chinese and Western Culture
David L. Hall - Author
Roger T. Ames - Author

Examines the issues of self (including gender), truth, and transcendence in classical Chinese and Western philosophy.
"I especially like the book's clarity of presentation and its attempt to address the way in which contemporary Westerners are likely to misunderstand the Chinese. The way the book draws attention to the practical effects that the different philosophical backgrounds of China and the West have on our current efforts at cross...(Read More)
Self and Deception
Self and Deception (July 1996)
A Cross-Cultural Philosophical Enquiry
Roger T. Ames - Editor
Wimal Dissanayake - Editor

Distinguished scholars discuss the problem of self-deception, or rather, self and deception.

"The book is a provocative trailblazer in that it explores the problematic issues of 'self' and 'deception,' and particularly, 'self-deception,' not only from an epistemological perspective but also from cross-cultural dimensions. While the approach is primarily philosophic, the work is pregnant with implications for cognitive sc...(Read More)
Anticipating China
Anticipating China (August 1995)
Thinking through the Narratives of Chinese and Western Culture
David L. Hall - Author
Roger T. Ames - Author

This book shows that failure to assess the significant cultural differences between China and the West has seriously affected our understanding of both classical and contemporary China, and makes the translation of attitudes, concepts, and issues extremely problematic.
"The extensive and masterful command of Western philosophy, including the contemporary period, makes the book truly exciting instead of just another competent scho...(Read More)

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