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Platonic Studies of Greek Philosophy
Platonic Studies of Greek Philosophy (January 1989)
Form, Arts, Gadgets, and Hemlock
Robert S. Brumbaugh - Author

“Platonic Studies is a tour de force of contemporary philosophy, combining painstaking analyses of Platonic and Aristotelian texts with imaginative reconstruction. It links a revisionary interpretation of the ancient social, scientific, and technological setting for Greek philosophy with trenchant 'Platonic' criticisms of contemporary conditions. Technical analyses, such as that of the mathematical ratios structuring th...(Read More)
Unreality and Time
Unreality and Time (June 1984)
Robert S. Brumbaugh - Author

"The understanding of time proves an even more complex enterprise than any past explanatory definitions, models, or metaphors have suggested. Such an understanding, however, promises to give us more insight and control than the history of past discussions of time would have allowed us to hope." -- Robert S. Brumbaugh

This book recognizes and questions a key assumption about time which is shared by common sense and philosophy-- the assumption...(Read More)
Whitehead, Process Philosophy, and Education
Whitehead, Process Philosophy, and Education (June 1983)
Robert S. Brumbaugh - Author

This book shows clearly how philosophy can be applied to education in an effective manner. It is applied metaphysics in the fullest sense—a truly practical philosophy book.

Robert Brumbaugh shows convincingly how our current educational practices are based on a metaphysics derived from seventeenth-century physics. Our modern understanding of reality implies a very different view of education and very different edu...(Read More)
The Philosophers of Greece
The Philosophers of Greece (June 1981)
Robert S. Brumbaugh - Author

This is the story of philosophy in ancient and classical Greece. Robert Brumbaugh brings out the intrinsic and current importance in the development of Western philosophy from Thales to Aristotle. He emphasizes the insights and ideas that have proven crucial to later Western thought and reveals the success of the classical thinkers in forming systematic philosophic syntheses.

This book is a useful introduction to philosophy. The ancient Gr...(Read More)
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