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Zen Sanctuary of Purple Robes
Zen Sanctuary of Purple Robes (July 2006)
Japan's Tokeiji Convent Since 1285
Sachiko Kaneko Morrell - Author
Robert E. Morrell - Author

A fascinating look at a Zen convent throughout its history.

Zen Sanctuary of Purple Robes examines the affairs of Rinzai Zen’s Tōkeiji Convent, founded in 1285 by nun Kakusan Shidō after the death of her husband, Hōjō Tokimune. It traces the convent’s history through seven centuries, including the early nuns’ Zen practice; Abbess Yōdō’s imperial lineage wi...(Read More)
Sand and Pebbles
Sand and Pebbles (August 1985)
The Tales of Muju Ichien, A Voice for Pluralism in Kamakura Buddhism
Robert E. Morrell - Author

Sand and Pebbles presents the first complete English rendering of Shasekishu--the classic, popular Buddhist "Tale Literature" (setsuwa). This collection of instructive, yet often humorous, anecdotes appeared in the late thirteenth century, within decades of the first stirrings of the revolutionary movements of Kamakura Buddhism. Shasekishu's author, Muju Ichien (1226-1312), lived in a rural temple apart from the centers of political and...(Read More)
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