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The Puritan Smile
The Puritan Smile (September 1987)
A Look Toward Moral Reflection
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

This book develops a contemporary metaphysics of morals. Currently the liberal tradition defines the field of moral and political theory. It contains the popular utilitarian, the deontological, and the virtue-ethics approaches to normative theory; and by a broad dialectical negation, it also defines the historical materialism of Marx. The Puritan Smile circumvents the Liberalism-Marxism dialectic with the Puritan emphasis on responsibility...(Read More)
New Essays in Metaphysics
New Essays in Metaphysics (November 1986)
Robert Cummings Neville - Editor

"...a straightforward and unpretentious sampler of what metaphysical positions one might hold now that the anti-metaphysical stances of a generation ago have been surpassed."--Donald Phillip Verene, Emory University

"Metaphysics has been unduly neglected in our 'age of analysis.' The appearance of this new generation of philosophers in a single volume ought to convince all readers that speculative metaphysics is alive and well in America." --...(Read More)
The Tao and the Daimon
The Tao and the Daimon (June 1983)
Segments of a Religious Inquiry
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

"Neville's most mature work, covering 20 years of deliberations on philosophical theology....This is perhaps the first important work on the interplay between the tao and the daimon." -- Kenneth K. Inada

"Neville's methodology is flawless....His sketch of a tao which would enable the religious scholar to penetrate non-Western religious insights in a meaningful way without having to become a devotee of the religion in question is brilliant." -...(Read More)
Reconstruction of Thinking
Reconstruction of Thinking (June 1981)
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

"I believe this to be a truly important book. It is the first genuinely neo-Whiteheadian offering on a large, systematic scale." -- Donald W. Sherburne

"The architectonic of the book is a marvelously creative application of Plato's divided line. Like nested boxes, each part is at a level of perspective different from the others; each chapter within each part rehearses those same levels; each section within each part does likewise; and even ...(Read More)
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