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The Truth of Broken Symbols
The Truth of Broken Symbols (November 1995)
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

This book provides a cross-cultural analysis of how religious symbols function from a theological and philosophical perspective.

This book provides a cross-cultural analysis of how religious symbols function from a theological and philosophical perspective. Showing how religious symbols can be true in various qualified senses, Neville presents a theory of religious symbolism in the American pragmatic tradition ex...(Read More)
The Cosmology of Freedom
The Cosmology of Freedom (October 1995)
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

The book shows the connections between the personal and the social dimensions of freedom, and how all the meanings of freedom are functions of the natural cosmos.

Neville's The Cosmology of Freedom corrects the tendency to believe that freedom consists in one thing alone, for instance not being constrained, or being able to choose between live options, or participating in a democratic political process. He lays o...(Read More)
Creativity and God
Creativity and God (October 1995)
A Challenge to Process Theology, New Edition
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

This book is a sympathetic critique of process theology with responses to the arguments addressed by leading thinkers.

Creativity and God is a sympathetic criticism of process theology. Neville shows that process thought is deeply mistaken to distinguish as it does so sharply between creativity and God and
thus falls into both metaphysical and religious difficulties. Metaphysically, it cannot gi...(Read More)
Normative Cultures
Normative Cultures (August 1995)
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

This is a philosophic study of theory and practical reason focusing on social obligation and personal responsibility. It draws on Chinese as well as Western Traditions of philosophy.

"The subject of Neville's Normative Cultures is the rebirth of philosophy as a 'worldly' enterprise. There is no topic more significant than this one for the philosopher truly responsive to the present demands of his discipline." --...(Read More)
Eternity and Time's Flow
Eternity and Time's Flow (July 1993)
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

"Neville's opening claim is simply indisputable, that nothing in ancient mythical cosmology, no matter how fantastic, rivals the sort of sweepingly imaginative cosmological claims issuing from the pens of today's most prominent theoretical physicists. Neville writes with the same easy, fluent, and (most of all) authoritative command of ideas and of relevant details employed by Hawking, Feynman, and Bohm. The difference, in Neville's favor, is that...(Read More)
The Highroad Around Modernism
The Highroad Around Modernism (September 1992)
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

"Robert Neville's book is most welcome and most timely. It introduces a neglected but important voice to the debate on postmodernism -- the voice of 'speculative pragmatism.' Neville shows convincingly that certain distinctively non-modernist forms of philosophy -- from Peirce and Whitehead to Weiss and his own writing -- do not fall under the scythe of postmodernist critique. Having never been modernist, they cannot rightly be rejected or dismis...(Read More)
God the Creator
God the Creator (February 1992)
On the Transcendence and Presence of God
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

God the Creator provides a detailed exposition of a conception of God as the creator of everything determinate. It does not defend an established conception such as the Thomist, the Calvinist, or the Process theological idea, but rather elaborates the ancient theme of creation ex nihilo in a new form appropriate to the contemporary world.

Part one is a rigorous philosophical development of the idea of God as creator ex nihil...(Read More)
A Theology Primer
A Theology Primer (October 1991)
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

"The book is very interesting -- dense and complicated theological issues are reframed and the issues and arguments are adumbrated in clear fashion." -- Lonnie D. Kliever, Southern Methodist University

"Neville has written an elementary textbook of Christian theology that is both readable for the layperson and is also philosophically and theologically sophisticated. He does not exhaust theological doctrines; but, instead, provides a classic...(Read More)
Behind the Masks of God
Behind the Masks of God (February 1991)
An Essay Toward Comparative Theology
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

"I especially like Neville's courage in confronting the fundamental issues in comparative philosophy of religion. This book sets an agenda for comparative work that invites philosophical discussion and that makes a contribution to a more systematic approach to the comparative study of religion. The illuminating comparisons between Buddhism, Confucianism, and Christianity reveal the fruitfulness of his method of integrating theological with histori...(Read More)
Recovery of the Measure
Recovery of the Measure (August 1989)
Interpretation and Nature
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

"The world is as we interpret it." Arguing that this assumption is a major and pervasive error, Neville demonstrates that the world is the measure of our interpretations. Distinguishing two traditions of hermeneutics, the continental tradition focusing on the interpretation of texts and the American tradition on the interpretation of nature; Neville argues that, since interpretation itself is part of the natural world, a philosophical vision of na...(Read More)
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