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In Teachers' Hands
In Teachers' Hands (July 1992)
Investigating the Practices of Classroom Assessment
Richard J. Stiggins - Author
Nancy Faires Conklin - Author

This book marks the starting point of a profound shift in assessment priorities, detailing the results of a decade-long program of research on classroom assessment environments. It demonstrates how important sound classroom assessments are to student well-being, and provides insights into the complex demands of day-to-day classroom assessment on teachers who have been taught little about assessment in their training programs.

As a nation, we...(Read More)
The Case for Commitment to Teacher Growth
The Case for Commitment to Teacher Growth (May 1988)
Research on Teacher Evaluation
Richard J. Stiggins - Editor
Daniel L. Duke - Editor

Most evaluations of teacher performance are brief, superficial, pro forma affairs involving a few moments of classroom observation every year or two followed by the completion of required evaluation forms. Not surprisingly, much of what has been written about teacher evaluation over the past decade reflects the dissatisfaction of teachers, the frustration of administrators, and the confusion of all parties as to the proper purposes for and methods o...(Read More)
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