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Leaving Us to Wonder
Leaving Us to Wonder (December 2004)
An Essay on the Questions Science Can't Ask
Linda Wiener - Author
Ramsey Eric Ramsey - Author

Explores the larger social, political, and philosophical contexts in which the current vitriolic science vs. anti-science debates occur.

This exciting collaboration between a biologist and a philosopher explores the meaning of the scientific worldview and how it plays out in our everyday lives. The authors investigate alternatives to scientism, the view that science is the proper and exclusive foundation for thinking ...(Read More)
Experiences between Philosophy and Communication
Experiences between Philosophy and Communication (August 2003)
Engaging the Philosophical Contributions of Calvin O. Schrag
Ramsey Eric Ramsey - Editor
David James Miller - Editor

Leading scholars address the work of American philosopher Calvin O. Schrag.

Providing developments and advancements concerning the thought of Calvin O. Schrag, this book includes the first full-length interview with the American continental philosopher and covers his long and illustrative philosophical contribution to thinking about the consequences of communication. The influence of Schrag's work is significant and b...(Read More)
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