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The Intelligence of Flowers
The Intelligence of Flowers (November 2007)
Maurice Maeterlinck - Author
Philip Mosley - Translation and introduction by

Winner of the 2008 Prix de la Traduction Littéraire presented by French Community of Belgium

A new translation of one of Maeterlinck’s four great nature essays.

“The republication of Maurice Maeterlinck’s ‘The Intelligence of Flowers,’ regrettably forgotten in our time, is long overdue. The introduction by Mosley is itself a gem, and contains one of the b...(Read More)
Split Screen
Split Screen (November 2000)
Belgian Cinema and Cultural Identity
Philip Mosley - Author

Explores the historical evolution of Belgian cinema as well as its contemporary situation within the evolving contexts of global media and European unity.

In presenting the first English language study of Belgian cinema, Split Screen explores the fascinating history of a cinema largely determined by linguistic division and beset by problems of cultural identity. This "split screen" characterizes the Belgian cinem...(Read More)
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