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Living Without Philosophy
Living Without Philosophy (July 1998)
On Narrative, Rhetoric, and Morality
Peter Levine - Author

Drawing on implications from ethics, theology, law, politics, and education, this book argues that we can decide what is right by describing particular cases in detail, without the aid of ethical theories and principles.

Living Without Philosophy argues that we do not need ethical theories, rules, and principles to decide what is right. Instead, particular cases can be judged by a detailed description of the relev...(Read More)
Nietzsche and the Modern Crisis of the Humanities
Nietzsche and the Modern Crisis of the Humanities (February 1995)
Peter Levine - Author

This is a critique of Nietzsche's theory of culture that proposes an alternative paradigm allowing a defense of the humanities against such Nietzschians as Leo Strauss and Derrida.
"The book is ambitious and well-informed as it moves to place Nietzsche in a complex contemporary context that joins philosophy, culture criticism, and educational policy. More specifically, it fleshes out the exact nature of the young Nietzsche's contact with...(Read More)
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