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Psychoanalysis and Narrative Medicine
Psychoanalysis and Narrative Medicine (January 2008)
Peter L. Rudnytsky - Editor
Rita Charon - Editor

Contributors explore the significance of literature and psychoanalysis for medical education and practice.

In this pioneering volume, Peter L. Rudnytsky and Rita Charon bring together distinguished contributors from medicine, psychoanalysis, and literature to explore the multiple intersections between their respective fields and the emerging discipline of narrative medicine, which seeks to introduce the values and meth...(Read More)
Psychoanalyses / Feminisms
Psychoanalyses / Feminisms (December 1999)
Peter L. Rudnytsky - Editor
Andrew M. Gordon - Editor

Probes the complementary yet contested relations between psychoanalysis and feminism, emphasizing the plural nature of each.

Bringing together twelve provocative and iconoclastic contributions by leading scholars and new voices, this book probes the complementary yet contested relations between various forms of contemporary psychoanalysis and feminism. The intention is not simply to juxtapose these two preeminent int...(Read More)
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