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Delicious December
Delicious December (July 2014)
How the Dutch Brought Us Santa, Presents, and Treats: A Holiday Cookbook
Peter G. Rose - Author

Food and history combine in this exploration of the Dutch influence on American holiday traditions. Includes more than one hundred easy-to-make holiday recipes.

Delicious December mixes food and history in a celebration of Dutch and American Christmas traditions. In more than one hundred tried-and-true recipes, award-winning food historian Peter G. Rose draws on traditions that date back to the Middle Ag...(Read More)
Summer Pleasures, Winter Pleasures
Summer Pleasures, Winter Pleasures (September 2009)
A Hudson Valley Cookbook
Peter G. Rose - Author

A light-hearted cookbook that reflects the historical and culinary heritage of the Hudson Valley.

Whether it’s grilled corn on the patio or a hot bowl of soup by the fire, the foods we eat are often intimately connected to the seasons of the year. For twenty years, award-winning food writer and historian Peter G. Rose has written a column on family food for newspapers in the Hudson Valley, and this light-...(Read More)
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