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Pedagogy of Praxis
Pedagogy of Praxis (July 1996)
A Dialectical Philosophy of Education
Moacir Gadotti - Author
John Milton - Translator
Paulo Freire - Preface by

Presents a critical, Neo-Marxist philosophy of education.

"Pedagogy of Praxis is a book about and from a critical philosophy of education. But, it is foremost a book about people, their actions, and their consciousness. Gadotti starts with the premise that human history is the product of the struggle of women and men against inequality. However, Gadotti does not seek to merely extend the Hegelian-Marxist traditio...(Read More)
Paulo Freire on Higher Education
Paulo Freire on Higher Education (July 1994)
A Dialogue at the National University of Mexico
Miguel Escobar - Author
Alfredo L. Fernandez - Author
Gilberto Guevara-Niebla - Author
Paulo Freire - With

Dedicated to a transformation of education so that it becomes an instrument of liberation rather than oppression, Freire discusses in unprecedented depth the implications and consequences of his pedagogical theory concerning three main problems faced by contemporary higher education: power and education, curriculum and social reality, and the role of intellectuals. This "dialogue" with Freire enlarges the body of knowledge regarding his thinking abo...(Read More)
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