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Issues in Evolutionary Ethics
Issues in Evolutionary Ethics (January 1995)
Paul Thompson - Editor

This book explores historical and current discussions of the relevance of evolutionary theory to ethics. The historical section conveys the intellectual struggle that took place within the framework of Darwinism from its inception up to the work of G. C. Williams, W. D. Hamilton, R. D. Alexander, A. L. Trivers, E. O. Wilson, R. Dawkins, and others. The contemporary section discusses ethics within the framework of evolutionary theory as enriched by ...(Read More)
The Structure of Biological Theories
The Structure of Biological Theories (April 1989)
Paul Thompson - Author

"This is a first-class piece of work. The philosophy of biology generally is a subject that has leapt ahead in recent years, and Thompson is one of the best of the young practitioners. The topic with which he deals is timely and his approach is controversial and exciting. He makes his case skillfully and with much knowledge." -- Michael Ruse, editor of Biology and Philosophy

"The central message of the book is that general philosophica...(Read More)
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