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From Center to Margins
From Center to Margins (May 2006)
The Importance of Self-Definition in Research
Diane S. Pollard - Editor
Olga M. Welch - Editor
Christine E. Sleeter - Foreword by

Considers perspectives from a diverse group of women educational researchers of color who center their discussion within the margins rather than from the center.

In From Center to Margins, women educational researchers of color, trained in mainstream Euro-American traditions, interpret the experiences of those, including themselves, who are marginalized by these very traditions. Deliberately looking at research...(Read More)
Standing Outside on the Inside
Standing Outside on the Inside (March 1997)
Black Adolescents and the Construction of Academic Identity
Olga M. Welch - Author
Carolyn R. Hodges - Author

This book, the result of a longitudinal study of academic achievement and pre-college enrichment for disadvantaged Black adolescents, offers fresh insights on barriers which continue to impede the academic progress of those students.

At a time when increased emphasis is placed on pre-college preparation of disadvantaged students, the number of African American students entering colleges and universities continues to dec...(Read More)
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